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Traveling far has nowadays become synonymous with booking a flight. Trains aren’t suitable for everyone because everyone believes that time is money and money gets you things. Why waste a full day travelling from one part of the country to the other?

Well the answer to that is- experience, endurance and cultural amalgamation. While travelling by train isn’t the most bourgeoisie thing you could do, it certainly is fun if you get out of your phone and stop cribbing. Phones are an important part of this generation’s must have things, however to step out of them to see the world is also important.

The Indian train culture

Whether the train gives you food or you have to Online Food Order in Train you will see old women and mothers carrying a bag which is full of food and food only. For Indian mothers and wives, food is paramount. There will always be handmade chapati, rice, pickle, two types of dishes- one dry one gravy, the latter which needs to be consumed quickly and fast. You’ll see them with their kids on their laps, force feeding them with a chocolate bribe every now and then.

The same little children will be creating a lot of ruckus on the train. Running trains are a child’s playground. Children will be running here, there everywhere. It’s easy to get frustrated but it is important to speak to them and take out time from your phone to have a conversation with them, teach them a thing or two. That way before you know it, you’ll spend some time and reach your destination faster.

Everybody loves a conversation on a train. Well we all have been ingrained with the line ‘Don’t speak to strangers’ since we were kids, but speaking to strangers is almost like a boon on trains. Conversation connects you and keeps you sane for longer journeys. Such conversations make you understand how similar we are to the herd. It’s all about unity in diversity and Indian railways help us to understand that.

Why choose trains instead of another mode of transportation?

The best part about train journeys is that it is a cheap mode of travelling. While you would spend a minimum of three thousand rupees on a flight you would spend less than half of it on a train. Paying a sum of around two and a half thousand rupees will not only get you food but also a berth on a train if you’re travelling a long distance from say Delhi to Kolkata. The food is hygienic, packed properly. The chapatti and rice are sealed with your choice of dish- veg or non veg. A dal is given, a little bit of mixed vegetable- a mixture of carrot, beans and sweet corn along with a cup of yogurt and ice-cream towards the end of your meal. Plastic water bottles are also provided to every passenger on trains like Duronto and Rajdhani who make sure that your comfort is their foremost priority.

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