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What kind of Indian Foods are Served in Boston?


Indian foods are delicious and tasty at the same time. Indians love Indian food and even foreigners love Indian food. And perhaps this is the reason many restaurants outside India serve Indian food. Indian food in Boston is also available. No matter what famous city you live in, Cambridge, Boston or Massachusetts, you can enjoy Indian food. Indian students who go to cities like Cambridge and Boston for higher education miss Indian foods. But they don’t have to worry anymore because there are various Indian Restaurants built in these cities that serve tasty and mouth-watering food.

When you will try these Indian foods your stomach will become full but your mouth will crave more. Trust me Indian foods taste wonderful. Even foreigners who are food lovers should try it. They will admire the taste and uniqueness of Indian food. The food served by Indian Restaurants is healthy and neatly cooked. These dishes are cooked using a variety of herbs that are famous for their healing properties. This article outlines the various types of Indian foods served by Indian restaurants in Boston. Let me tell you Bukhara JP is a very popular Indian food. So, here is the list of a variety of Indian food served in Boston.

Butter Chicken

It is a traditional Indian dish cooked in oven or Tandoor. It is prepared using a lot of butter, spices, herbs, chicken, and onion. This famous chicken cuisine was originated in 1950 in Moti Mahal in Daryaganj, NewDelhi. This Indian dish is very delicious and you should try it for sure.

Malai kofta

It is a popular and tasty vegetarian alternative.

 It is cooked in a creamy gravy made up of cashew nut and tomato. This dish is very delicious and you should try it for sure. It is famous for its mouth-watering taste and aroma. It is a popular Indian dish and is a popular Indian food in BostonThis dish is famous for its cream.

Kashmiri Cuisine

Tandoori Chicken

It is a popular north Indian cuisine served worldwide. It is also known as roasted chicken and is prepared using yogurt, lemon, chicken, and spices. It has a very unique aroma of coal or tandoor which makes it a worth try. This unique Indian dish tastes great with rice or crispy naan. For garnishing Kashmiri Mirch, lemons, chaat masala, and onions are used.

Rogan Josh

It is a very popular Kashmiri cuisine and is famous all over the world. This famous and popular Kashmiri cuisine is the main dish of Kashmir multicourse meal. It is famous in other parts of the world as well. Rogan Josh is cooked using Ginger, cardamom, and various other spices.


AlooGobhi is a famous Indian dish. It is a pure vegetarian cuisine and is a meal of every Indian. Indian mothers cook it very well. But it is served by other Indian restaurants. No matter where you live, you can enjoy this popular Indian cuisine.

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