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What is TikTok and Why Should Marketers Consider it


Unless you are living under a rock, you would be familiar with TikTok. Annoying for some, entertaining for many. Whatever your description of this social media video app may be, the truth is that it is taking the Internet by storm. 

My friend who works at Spectrum was coming up with a suggestion to promote Spectrum digital receiver through a TikTok video. Yes, businesses can also employ the use of TikTok to market themselves more.

Not Familiar with TikTok!

It is a social media video app created by a Chinese tech firm. This app allows you to share short 15-60 second videos that have a music overlay. You can also edit the video that you record in case you wish to. Apart from that, you also have the option of sound effects and visual effects available. 

TikTok is the result of acquiring Musical.ly and merging the tech firm’s creation with it. What started in 2018, now has over 500 Million active users. 

Who Uses TikTok?

You will find Generation Z including the teens and the tweens using TikTok more than any other age group. 66% of the users on TikTok are under the age of 30. There is also a female bias when it comes to the use of TikTok. Although men are joining the bandwagon at a rapid speed as well. 

The app also has an international appeal with many of the users downloading and using it in the States, China, and India. However, TikTok operates in China in the form of an app called Douyin. 

Examples of TikTok

Here are a couple of features that TikTok offers:


If you thought that uploading solo TikTok videos were the only way people made use of this platform, you were wrong all this time. To make the videos look more interesting, people make duet videos on TikTok. And to be honest, they are more fun to watch. This is one of the available features on TikTok. People can reply to a music video uploaded by someone with a duet video on the same music. 

Videos with Special Effects

TikTok also offers an option for AR face filters. The users end up making rather funny posts by applying these filters to their videos. 

Comedic Shots

Most of the TikTok posts aim at making people laugh. The features that TikTok offers help people to make their posts funny. You will find a section on this platform where there are funny clips. The length of these funny videos ranges from a couple of seconds to 1 minute. For example, a clip showing a cat going on a vacation. 

Music Videos

One of the features of TikTok also offers music montages or mini music video clips. Some people just lip-sync to these videos while others switch their creative side on. You will have to visit TikTok to have a look at these ideas. Explanations won’t do justice. 

Challenge Videos

Who knew the ice bucket challenge was the beginning of a series of challenges that will flood the social media after every month or two. TikTok also includes a feature that includes hashtagged challenges.  Such videos are aimed at providing the viewers with a challenge that asks them to do something silly and record themselves while doing so. 

How can Brands Benefit from TikTok?

Brands can tap on this opportunity and promote themselves better by employing the use of TikTok. Having discussed all this, the question now arises that how can TikTok be of benefit to marketers or companies. There are several ways by which brands can make use of TikTok. Some of the most prominent ones include:

  • Creating their channel and uploading videos through that channel.
  • Paying for advertisement on TikTok. You may not realize but TikTok soon will be a channel many brands will be advertising on just like YouTube is.
  • Working with influencers so that the brand’s content spreads wide and far. 

Brands Already Using TikTok

It may come as a surprise to you but certain brands already have a presence on TikTok. I know it sounds a bit odd because brands have a sophisticated image for them. But the list of companies using TikTok includes Washington post and Chipotle. 

But brands will have to work hard and get more creative if they wish to use TikTok as one of the sources to market themselves or their brand(s). Publishers and entertainers would have it easy transitioning to TikTok videos. But other brands and companies will have to brainstorm a bit more. 

Whatever the case may be, the fact is that TikTok is ruling the social media. And brands need to come up with campaigns to effectively incorporate TikTok in their promotional videos. I’m just wondering when the time would be here that contact centres would use the audios. I wouldn’t mind hearing audio of a popular TikTok video when I call on my Spectrum Customer Care number. I’m sure people would forget all about their complaints or why they were so mad in the first place!

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