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What are the basic Guidelines of eCommerce Product Management?


Starting and running a WooCommerce search is very straightforward from a long-term perspective. The beginning class measures trouble in any area. To make it easier for you to get started, I will discuss the basics during this manual WooCommerce inventory of the products. Product management in WooCommerce is consistent with activities in WordPress: adding posts, redaction pages, distribution classes. The familiar interface helps WordPress users get started with WooCommerce.

WooCommerce Products – General Data

You can access the product from the product menu level. If you have started your WooCommerce journey, you probably won’t have any products on the list. You will only be able to add your initial product by clicking on Add Product. I encourage you to come to the example topic and import the example product.

WooCommerce offers many possibilities to configure the product. The system is like a universal: you will be able to sell every physical and digital product, namely e-books. You will be able to manage stock, established promotions, discount codes and lots of optional functions in your WooCommerce store. You can get all those options on your own, without knowing the details.

As you have already gained expertise with WordPress, you ensure that it is easy to manage posts, add new classes, and reorder content on pages. There is nothing extra sophisticated in product management.

Virtual and Downloadable products

A new product may by default be a physical product. On the high window with the settings, you will be able to modify the goods for a virtual and/or download.

If you decide on Virtual, shipping-related settings may be missing on the left side of the window. Once such a virtual product is inspected, you will be able to send it via e-mail – for example on one occasion a PDF price tag may be written. What is attractive here is the risk of queuing in a physical form with the option of transferring a product. We do this in fashion as a trafficker – can receive data on the product purchased and therefore customers, excluding goods, can receive a mentioned file via e-mail.


The Inventory tab allows you to choose a way to manage stocks. You will be able to do this manually. Once you see that you have exited a given product, you will determine that it is unavailable. Such modification is possible with stock management, which may be available or out of stock.

However, confidence is much better than automation, i.e. changing the choice of management of the stock by the system. Managing products in WooCommerce becomes a lot more convenient because it requires less work for you. I would like to debate that option in a moment.

Here I would prefer to mention the SKU field, which allows you to introduce a personalized product symbol in our search. If you want to limit the number of orders for a given product for some reason, you will be able to determine unit sales appropriately.

An in-depth consultation is required prior to production before using an example of our own manufacture or custom class measurement of the product.

But let the US state specialize in stock management. Here you only include how many per cent units of measurement for a given product class. He may update with each purchase of stock goods.


We also have another option – you will be able to activate the backend. This implies that a customer will place an order for a product that is not physically available. It is worth activating the choice if you understand that you will receive the goods within the warehouse from the distributor or manufacturer.

Shipping & Delivery

When you sell a physical product you will be able to define parameters for that product such as size and weight. Within the future, due to the employment of such plugins as versatile shipping, you will be able to determine the shipping price given the overall weight of the product.

In the shipping settings, you will be able to laminate the shipping category for the goods. Shipping categories Class measurements are just like product classes, although they classify the product by shipping type, ie a large product or product manufactured from glass (which requires delicate shipping). For example, if you ship glass items, you will be able to set an associate degree allowable limit, so that once product category measures are found within the cart, the shipping functionality to the customer includes protection of the parcel against injury. is. Visible shipping categories are supported by the versatile shipping plugin described earlier.


Here you will be able to add a note to the order. This will be shown in the associate degree e-mail to the customer. For example, if the customer orders a customized product by the customer then you will be able to add a note on the need to contact him.

In this window, you will be able to jointly capture associate degree opinions below a product. Customers are going to be able to write their own reviews. After running a store in WooCommerce and managing the product we became a lot more comfortable for our customers after flooding the square measure with positive reviews.

Categories and Tags

It depends on the regular practicality of WordPress. Once you add a post, you associate it with a particular category. You will be able to do an equivalent to the product.

You can produce any class, which you will later use to create the menu of your search web site. The tag normally operates like WordPress.

With classes, you will be able to distribute products for example in a public facility and disguised as women. The tag can be helpful to explain additional product options, e.g. Color or accessories. Once you browse the search, the customer is going to be able to search the supported product for that additional information.

Are you able to manage WooCommerce products?

In this guide, I showed you the basics related to product management. You take away the talent of directly adding products. Will this happen if product management in WooCommerce doesn’t bother for a long time? During a comment below whether measuring any aspect of that article is still unclear to you.

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