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Villas in Dubai – Benefits and Drawbacks

Dubai is known for its extravagant and luxurious lifestyle where one can travel and live in style. People from all over the world love to travel to Dubai to enjoy the glamorous lifestyle of the city. Upon arrival one can live in a hotel or can even rent a villa for a better and comfortable stay.

Dubai is home to many world-class villas and apartments. These villas are equipped with some luxurious amenities which attract tourists from different parts of the world. Purchasing a villa for using it as a holiday home or renting it for a day or two can be an intimidating task as these properties can be expensive depending upon the location and facilities provided.

One needs to very careful before buying or renting such properties. There are numerous advantages and disadvantages of renting a villa and are listed below:


  1. Shared facilities:

The estate where the villa is built can have shared facilities like gym, swimming pool, golf course and tennis courts etc. These can be accessed by anyone who is living in one the villas constructed within the gated compound. Villas prove to be heaven for people who are fond of socialising. Moreover, these facilities are free of cost and included in the rent. These villa compounds prove to be a great place for some quality family time.

  1. Community lifestyle:

Staying at a villa means living in a particular community in Dubai. One can to mingle with the local community members living in that particular area. The community based lifestyle provides a sense of belongingness. Moreover, one can experience the true multicultural nature of Dubai by living at one of such villas.

  1. Amenities:

Villas in Dubai are constructed within an estate which looks like a whole city on its own. Developers with the desire to attract more and more customers provide all kind of facilities and amenities to the buyers. These facilities include spacious rooms, luxurious kitchens & bathrooms and w a wide terrace with an amazing view. Apart from all facilities within the villa, one can find world-class restaurants, ATM’s, supermarkets, cinema halls and even beaches which are located either within the gated compound or are at a walking distance.


Not freehold properties:

Villas at certain locations in Dubai are not free hold properties i.e. they can be bought but can only be rented for a limited period. They cannot term them as “My Villa.” Customers must be aware of such clause and make their renting decision depending upon their need and affordability.

Difficulty in accessing public transport:

Certain Villas in Dubai are constructed at the locations which are not within the bounds of the city. This makes it very difficult for tourists and local residents to access the local transportation like Metro and buses.

Quality of villas:

One must be aware of the locations where villas are in excellent condition. Many villas in Dubai are old and may lack even the basic amenities. Customers should look for newly constructed villas with modern architecture situated at prestigious locations for a better experience.

One must consider these advantages and disadvantages before buying or renting villas in Dubai. A bad decision can lead to huge financial burden which can be avoided upon gaining knowledge.

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