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Tips to Make the Most Out of Alcohol Based Markers


We often remember coloring with markers as a kid. That collection of vibrant crayons tends to be one of the most cherished things in childhood. However, such markers still come in handy and are used by artists, designers, and illustrators to create results that are usually different from paints, chalks, and pencils.

One of the most popular types of artist markers is alcohol-based markers. Such markers combine ink with alcohol and usually come with a refill set. They dry up quickly and are permanent on most surfaces. Besides, it also helps to alter the shade of work and create multi-toned highlights and blends easily. The great thing about alcohol markers is that they’re highly versatile so they can be used in many ways.

Here are some tips on how to use alcohol-based markers:

  • Always utilize smooth paper as the tips of alcohol-based markers don’t work well on rough surfaces. Rough surfaces damage the nibs and make it hard to draw smooth lines.  
  • Make sure you start working on top of something porous otherwise the colors will not absorb and the ink will begin to bleed. Placing paper underneath will help you pull the bleed downwards and protect your work surface.
  • When creating realistic images, you can choose to work from dark to light to give your project an abstract effect. Also, limit how many colors you want for dark areas to avoid over-bleeding.
  • If you plan to blend two inks together, make sure the area you’re trying to blend is damp with ink to make blending look smooth and realistic.

Now that you know how to make the most out of alcohol markers, go check them out. Grab a few colors, experiment, and create magnificent pieces to add to your collection.

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