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Things You Should Avoid When Hiring A Web Design Company


While you are deciding on launching your website, you need to hire a web developer so that they can build your app in the best way possible. But while you are choosing a web designer for your website, you always need to make sure that they are suitable for you and can meet your requirements appropriately.

It this fast-moving era most of the visitors prefer a website that can meet all their needs. To attain this requirement, you need to contact a web developer that can provide you with a 360-degree web design. Without a good website that can meet all your customers’ requirements, you will not be able to make your position in the market. So you always need to make sure that your website is the perfect answer to all possible questions of your visitors.

We at Ethane Technologies provide web design services in India as well as over 80 different countries having a team of an extremely qualified team of application and website developers.

Not having Concrete Idea About Your Technical Requirements

When you are going to launch your business online, you need to make sure that you know the basic requirements of your business and customers. 

You always need to make sure that they can avail of the facilities they wish to have through your site. Make sure that they get a feature list based on their shopping history. At the same time make sure they can view a list of top-selling products and/or the products with ongoing offers/discounts. Make sure you are providing them an online cart and a wishlist as well. 

Make sure that your site is secure its rank on the front page of SERP. This will provide your business with the required exposure. At the same time make sure to improve your site’s conversion rate by 10% and to boost the newsletter subscription by at least 23%.

Designers not Being Developers

In earlier days developers and web designers used to be hired separately. But now the scenario has changed and you can easily hire an agency that can provide you with both the designers and developers. This way both of them will be able to have a mutual understanding among them while building your web-page and hereby, you will be handed a complete website without wasting a lot of effort and time on communication.

Web Design Services in India

Not Viewing the Portfolio

For a reliable agency, it is always expected to provide its customers with a portfolio that can help customers with important information about the development company. 

If you do not consider this portfolio, you are missing out on the chance to know about the agency where you are investing your valuable money in. With the portfolio, you can have a better insight into what they have made earlier and how effective they were to the company. Here at Ethane Technologies, being one of the most reliable web design services in India when you visit our site, you get to see our portfolio that can ensure you about the quality that we promise to our clients.

Not knowing their Bandwidth

When you are investing in a company, it is obvious that they will be working on multiple projects at once. So while you hire them to be sure there will at least 2 developers assigned for your work at all given circumstances. This way you will be able to have your website on hand on the promised time. 

No Information About Process and Maintenance Cost

While you are launching a website, your job does not end only with the launching. To run a website successfully, you need to maintain the website properly as well. So while your developers are going to handle you the website be sure if they are going to maintain the technical part of your website until you are having an IT team for it. 

Cause while you are maintaining the contents of your page, the technical part will be difficult for you to maintain. So it is always preferred if they are the ones to handle it. While you let them handle your project, be sure about the costing as well.

Not Having A Mobile Friendly Site

In this era, while anything and everything is operated with mobile, it is mandatory to have a mobile-friendly website. Not having a mobile-friendly website refers to you are blocking out the lion share of your potential visitors yourself. At the same time, not having a mobile-friendly website will earn Google Penalty that no doubt will be extremely harmful to your website.

Launching Without Testing

While you are finally launching your website for the public to use, be sure that you are done with proper testing as well. Handling a website to your customers that are not tested, will be the biggest mistake you can ever make. Though your developers will do the testing yourself, it has harmed none to run a cross-check. Also, developers will be checking your website’s functionality only. But you can check it from a viewer’s point and try to know how convenient and satisfying your website will be to them. Hence, if needed you can suggest the changes to your developers.

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