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Things that You Must Check Before Buying Travel Insurance in India


With a 15.6% growth in the tourism industry of India, more and more people are opting for domestic travel insurance while planning long trips.

Domestic travel insurance is intricately designed to ensure your financial safety during a holiday. It also reduces your mental burden, thus allowing you to have a memorable stress free trip and list of outdoor games.

The domestic insurance market is offering various types of insurance plans for all sorts of travellers and their diverse requirements. And, just like any other insurance cover, a travel insurance policy also comes with its set of terms and conditions.

Thus, it advisable to compare between the insurance companies and choose the plan that caters best to your requirements. 

Following are a list of things that you must consider to choose an insurance plan with ease –

  • Medical coverage  

No matter how many precautions you take, travelling to an unknown place can be risky. Medical emergencies can confront a traveller anytime, anywhere. Now, considering the high cost of healthcare at unfamiliar places, it can come as a financial burden for many, especially while on a trip. Thus, buy travel insurance policy online before you embark on a journey.   

You can consider availing a Travel Insurance scheme from reputed companies like Bajaj Finserv which offers comprehensive, cost-effective plans to the customers. A medical insurance policy like this offers cashless hospitalisation at any part in India, pays up for the expensive hospital and medical bills and many more. 

A best travel insurance policy also takes into account of a policyholder’s pre-existing conditions. Hence, weigh your options before settling on one. 

  • Trip cancellation cover

One of the significant problems which many travellers face is from trip cancellation. This could happen due to natural calamity, airlines cancelling a flight for some unavoidable reasons, a medical emergency in the family, etc. As a significant share of the money goes into booking flight or air tickets, it would be a calamity to let that waste under situations of trip cancellation. 

However, if you avail travel insurance India from reputed insurers, you can enjoy comprehensive trip cancellation coverage. 

  • Personal belongings coverage 

Losing luggage or wallets on a trip is the most common occurrence which can cause severe problems in continuing your vacation. Therefore, it is prudent to buy travel insurance cover before embarking on your journey. 

Your luggage, especially your wallet or purse are essential companions on your trip. Most travellers carry valuable documents, passport, and credit/debit cards in them. Hence, loss or theft of these useful belongings can cause grave difficulties.

Furthermore, losing electronic gadgets like laptops or camera can result in significant financial losses. Therefore, it is advisable to take up travel insurance online to avail comprehensive financial coverage against such misfortunate events. 

Alternatively, you can also avail a Home Insurance from companies like Bajaj Finserv to protect your valuable possessions back home while you are on a trip. You could lose essential belongings from any natural or human-made calamities. This insurance policy provides coverage against both structure and valuable contents of your residence. 

  • Type of travel

If you avail a domestic travel insurance policy, you can avail medical coverage against accidental losses or loss of belongings across India. However, if you plan on embarking on a trip abroad, check for policies that offer international coverage. Similarly, look for policies that also cover emergency hospitalisation and pre-existing diseases. 

Therefore, do not blindly settle on an insurance plan suggested by an agent. Scan through all the available plans online and then settle on a policy that best suits your requirements. Travel insurance plans are a blessing for travellers, and to reap its numerous benefits, you must conduct thorough research.  

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