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Scrapbooking for the First Time? Get Your Tools Ready!


Want to make a scrapbook for yourself, but don’t know where to begin with? Don’t worry, we will help you out. Although there are many scrapbook materials available out there, beginners might often get confused as to what to buy. Mentioned here are some of the most basic tools and materials you will require for your scrapbook.

Starting with card stock

The first thing you need is card stock, which contains a stack of hard papers that will typically serve as the base for your scrapbook. Because they are thicker and durable, they are a preferred choice for the base of the scrapbook. Before starting your scrapbook, select your preferred color scheme. These cards can further be used to even make embellishments.

Buy scrap paper

Also known as patterned paper, scrap paper comes in different designs, sizes, and patterns. Scrap paper works as a design element for your book. Picking the right scrap paper is important because you have a lot of varieties to choose from. The designs range from vintage looks to animal themes, floral patterns, and much more. These papers come in a pack of 12 to 24 sheets. You can decorate scrap papers is by using layering stamps


Goes without saying, you will definitely require stuff like glue/adhesive, stapler, cutters, scissors, etc. to make your scrapbook. To cut different kinds of papers (hard, scrap, etc), a good quality pair of scissors is required. Trimmers are a good investment because they can cut papers and help bind scrapbooks.

To get more creative with your scrapbook, you can also purchase different varieties of shape cutters. Purchasing a good trimmer is also important if you want your first scrapbook to look neat, tidy, and professional. 


Using embellishments can enrich the pages of your scrapbook. Without any decorations, your scrapbook will resemble a basic photo album. You can use buttons, tags, ribbons, laces, beads, and more to make your scrapbook look more attractive and artful. Take your creativity a notch higher and use alphabet stamps to write beautiful captions underneath your photos. 

These basic scrapbook tools can help you get started under a budget. You can play with them however you like to enhance your scrapbook’s creativity. Once you get a hang of creating scrapbooks, you can invest in more craft tools.

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