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Scott Jay Abraham – Top 5 Places for Lunch in Newport Beach, California


Newport Beach in California is known for its amazing cafes and restaurants. If you are a local or just visiting the region, you should drop into them frequently to relish the amazing food and drinks they have an offer. One is able to find restaurants for lunch in all price brackets. So, if you are in the region and feeling hungry, walk into a nice restaurant and enjoy not only the food but its ambiance as well.

Scott Jay Abraham – What are the top 5 places for lunch at Newport Beach in California?

Scott Jay Abraham is a popular industrial interior designer in the USA and an avid traveler. He loves to visit odd road attractions during his trips that have not been explored by the frequent masses. He loves to go out with his adorable Dachshund and enjoys watching the Golden State Warriors with beer while relaxing in his spare time.

Check out the popular restaurants for lunch at Newport Beach in California

Newport Beach in California is a popular travel destination in the USA. It is known for its scenic views and amazing chain of restaurants that offer one authentic and popular Californian food. These restaurants are known for their hospitality and quality service to both locals and travelers.

He says that when you visit Newport Beach in California, you will find there are several amazing restaurants, you can check out for lunch. However, his top 5 picks for lunch at Newport Beach has been listed below-

  1. Harborside Restaurant and Grand Ballroom- If you are traveling with your family or your spouse, you can drop in this amazing place. It is great for a private and romantic lunch, and you can opt for some delicious seafood dishes. This restaurant has a soothing ambiance that overlooks the serene and clam water located near the restaurant.

  1. Tommy Bahama Restaurant and Store- This restaurant is known for its happy hour and amazing lunch dishes for travelers and locals. You can choose from a variety of meals from its menu. This restaurant is open till late at night, and you may drop in for a late-night meal at any time of the day.

  1. True Food Kitchen- The ambiance at this popular restaurant is relaxed, and it is ideal for vegans. If you are health conscious and looking for a good restaurant in Newport Beach, this place is the best restaurant to go to.

  1. Eat Chow- This café is quite sleek, and along with the food, you can enjoy a scrumptious lunch with wine or craft beer.

  1. The Beachcomber- There are cozy cottage houses along the beach here. You can choose a popular breakfast or lunch or choose popular California favorites.

Scott Jay Abraham says that there are other popular restaurants for lunch here. Before you visit a place, you may check them out on online portals. You will get an idea about the menu as well as the price. Most of these restaurants serve popular California and American cuisine and are known for their friendly hospitality and lip-smacking food!

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