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Risky Places To Swipe Your Credit Card


It is pretty convenient to have a trusty credit card in your wallet especially if you have a secure shell citi card. However, you should be mindful of where you swipe this nifty payment device.

Putting yourself at risk of scams will just bring loads of headaches resulting from debt and unnecessary payments.

Although you are aware of these risks that can spell unfortunate situations for you, it would be useful to have a reminder now and then. Do not decrease the convenience that credit cards can give you by being unaware of the transactions can lead to fraud.

With that, here are the risky places to swipe your credit card!


If you are in an unfamiliar accommodation, you would run the risk of being vulnerable to thieves.

Skimming devices can be placed on these types of places which may seem like a legitimate transaction but in all actuality, it can capture your credit card information that a thief can retrieve afterward. You cannot exactly be sure that the devices in these places are well-monitored which can lead to illegitimate transactions and stolen credit from you.


Having dinner at your favorite restaurant may seem innocent enough but you have to make sure that they do not put you at risk. There are restaurants that will swipe your card when it is out of your sight, which can help them process it and take your information along with it. Their handheld device can skim your personal information which will be the worst decision you can have, save for that meal that you didn’t enjoy, that is.

Gas stations

This place can be risky for credit card users because it can disguise as a scammers’ nest. Paying for your gas puts you at risk and it this does not only apply to credit card transactions. If you also use debit cards, your PIN can be duplicated using your card’s magnetic stripe which can be used for the sign-and-swipe transactions. There is a high potential that you can be scammed here because gasoline transactions are just quick and easy.

Online Sellers

Technology has done a lot for people these days, with retail websites making it easy to purchase anything and everything. Increasing the security of your credit card transactions can be quite difficult if online predators see that you are vulnerable enough not to check for details. These details include the inability of the online seller to store your credit card information for future purposes. Stealing your personal and payment information can come easy with online transactions since everything can be done with a click.

Key Takeaway

These risky places definitely pose a threat to your finances, this is why it is very important that you avoid being impulsive and agreeing to whatever transaction presented to you. Always be mindful of your transactions because you will never know if thieves would be waiting at the ready. The surefire way to be a smart buyer is to secure a shell citi card that can always keep you confident of the payments that you make!

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