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Popular Customizations for Lash Boxes


Having the right kind of packaging can play a significant role in earning your product and brand a unique market positioning. If you are in the lash extension business, it is important to keep a pace with the latest packaging trends. Customers are particular about how a product is presented and handed over to them. Without durable and attractive packaging boxes, you will not be able to pitch your product range effectively to potential buyers. If you have a dependable printing service provider, you can trust the stock and customization options suggested to you. For newbie brands, finding a reliable printer should be the prime concern, if you find a printer that offers you quality material and contemporary finishing options, you can stir the interest of customers through your custom lash packaging. Here are some popular customizations that you can consider for your lash extension boxes!

Lash Boxes with Window

This is the most favoured finishing option for lash packaging. Window boxes make it easier for retailers to showcase their product range. In case of hair and lash extensions, when a buyer would like to have a detailed overview of the items before purchase, these boxes are an ideal choice. They make it convenient for the sales staff to show customers various kinds of lash extensions. The texture of extensions is quite sensitive to moisture and heat so these boxes make it possible to view the products without opening the packaging. Custom printed lash boxes with window also assist the salon staff to sort various kinds of extensions for respective clients.

Custom Lash Packaging with Hooks/Hangers

Hook and hanger packaging is yet another way to enhance the visibility of the product. Lash packaging displayed on counter hooks makes it effortless for the shoppers to check out extensions and buy the one that matches their needs and budget. Hook/hanger packaging is easy to sort and organize as well. These boxes don’t need to be placed in shelves drawers where they get prone to dust and other tampering factors. So if you are looking for packaging customization that makes your lash extensions noticeable for the onlookers, lash boxes with hooks/hangers is a likeable option.

Custom Lash Boxes with a Glossy Finish

Many retailers prefer matte finishing for their products but when it comes to cosmetics and extensions, adding glam to packaging is a must. Custom printed lash boxes with a glossy finish are laudable for their glam and appeal. This customization adds attractiveness to lash packaging and compel the shoppers into checking out various kinds of lash extensions. The finishing can be used in combination with other options to further enhance the outlook of product packaging. You can ask your printer for providing you customizations that can stand out on the glossy finish.

Other Finishing Options for Extension Boxes Wholesale

Other preferable customizations for lash packaging include embossing, debossing, die-cutting and foil stamping. You can have the boxes die-cut in your desired shape. Though flap packaging is commonly used for hair and lash extensions, you can have a box die-cut to your desired dimensions and style with your logo, tagline and product details.

Make sure that the stock for your luxury boxes is finest in texture and thickness; any customization would not make the desired impact if the printing material is of poor quality.

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