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Physical stores versus online stores


There are many kinds of stores which are dealing in the electronics like adishwar electronics online which help to provide various kinds of electronics and satisfy the consumers by providing them the best quality products at the most affordable prices. Some of the merits of the online stores have been mentioned as follows:

  • One is open to the world: the best and the main advantage of this is that there are no physical barriers of the world in such cases. One is not dependent on the number of people passing by the streets and there are no issues of traffic control and management. 
  • New customers: the online stores can have many kinds of new customers which can be satisfied by providing them with the best quality products at the most affordable prices. The local business will be able to attract only the local based consumers but these kinds of online stores will be able to attract people from all corners of the world. 
  • New options of sales: the people will have new options like drop-shipping. This is the most attractive option for the people who wish to start new ventures and those who wish to expand the existing ones. This will help the people to expand their products and diversify their base and revenue streams without much investment. 
  • Lower costs: the setting up of online business is not much costly as compared to the traditional shops. One just requires website creation and even there are no infrastructure costs associated with them. 
  • No schedules: there are any timing issues in the online businesses as they can operate all the time 24 by 7 and on all the days without any kinds of the holidays.

Some of the merits of the physical stores have been mentioned as follows:

  • Customers can see: through physical shops the customers can see, feel and touch the products and this will be a major consideration in buying the products. 
  • Difficulty to sell online: due to no personal contact one cannot persuade and influence the people via online mediums and this is very much possible via physical mediums. People can convince the buyers to buy the products and this will increase the sales and build loyalty as well.
  • Customer loyalty: the customers who visit the physical stores are much more loyal than the online stores. The consumers of online stores go where they get good offers but the customers of physical stores are very much brand loyal and want to buy from that specific shop only and from nowhere else.  

Both of these models have own merits and demerits but the ecommerce part is still in the developing stage whereas the other model has been developed since many years. The digital marketing will help to save a lot of costs like the rent and all the other things associated with the infrastructure. But the traditional setup will help to provide more loyal consumers which is an essential part of any kind of business. The adishwar logo is very much popular among the consumers of electronic goods.

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