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Performance and Reliability of The DeWalt DW717 Miter Saw


Have you checked out the DeWalt DW717 yet? For those you haven’t, this article will briefly discuss this power tool. To start with, the DeWalt DW717 is a 10 inch sliding miter saw cutter. The product has been developed in such a way that there is an increase in overall performance and extended life to the tool. Thanks to the design and the use of sturdy material that offers robust construction increasing performance of the tool. A powerful motor installed under the hood makes it easy for the operator to achieve high precise cuts. An easy to adjust cam lock miter handle, bevel and miter stops and a tall fence for accommodating over-sized moldings a few of the important features that have been developed by the company.DeWalt DW717 Miter Saw

The power tool comes with a double bevel sliding compound 10 inch blade which is backed a powerful 15 amp motor. It reaches a maximum RPM of 4000 under no-load condition offering quick and smooth cutting action for framing, molding, miter cutting and crosscutting operations. The DeWalt DW717 is incorporated with 11 positive stops which improve the overall setup and efficiency of the tool. The adjustable stainless steel miter increases the convenience to rated into different angles onto either side of the head position. The easy to adjust cam lock handle increases the convenience to achieve accurate miter angles.

As the product has been designed to accommodate big size work pieces, a tall fence of 6-1/4 inch position vertically and a 6 inch base offers a rigid holding of the work piece. The fence has been designed in such a way that it easily slides out into particular angle or length offering freedom to the operator during a bevel cut operation. Thanks to the innovative clamping mechanism and linear ball bearing mechanism that increases accuracy and durability. The sliding saw rests on a horizontal steel rail. The DeWalt DW717 thus gains over other products in the market.

Speaking about the increased bevel capacity, and operator can achieve a bevel cut in the range of 0° to 48° to both left-hand side and right hand side. Due to this feature, the operator can flip-flop the saw head without moving the material. Due to the numerous bevel stops provided in the power tool, it is easy to mark, find and set a particular bevel angle easily. Due to the unique back fence design incorporated in the machine, a smooth 45° bevel cut can be achieved on a lumber measuring 2×14 inches. The DeWalt DW717 is compatible with a laser system that is sold separately to increase the accuracy of bevel cuts.

The lightweight DeWalt DW717 miter saw cutter also has a built in carry handle offering convenience to the operator during rotation around the jobsite. With the rich features available in the product, the compound miter saw cutter plays a vital role for a professional who seeks increased accuracy, work efficiency and performance. The 15 amp high-power motor delivers the required power output necessary for an operation. Due to the small cutting action by the 10 inch saw blade, soft surface finishes are achieved on the work pieces that also increase the appearance of the end product.

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