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5 Things About Implementing On-Page Seo On Ecommerce Websites


On-page optimization is just as important as off-page optimization when it comes to eCommerce SEO. On-page optimization relates to all the actions taken within your website that are undertaken by you or by the experts, if and when you pay for the eCommerce SEO packages that they offer. There are 5 things to note while Implementing On-Page Seo On Ecommerce Websites.

1.Keyword Optimization –The web page and all the content on the web page should be ideally optimized for one specific keyword. To do so, it needs to be ensured that the page has keywords in specific locations such, which are inclusive but not limited to URLs, product descriptions and meta titles.

The URLs need to be user-friendly and they should include real words, (not to be confused with keywords) and not be some incorrigible stuff. The same goes for meta titles and meta descriptions.

2.Site-Structure –Architecture is a must when you have to build a website from scratch or when you have to redesign the existing website that you have. Architecture has a lot of importance for the site, way more than what it is given credit for.

They not only affect the practicality of the site but also have the potential of upgrading or downgrading your rankings and the same extends to increased or decreased conversions.

3.Internal Linking –The next obvious step in on-page optimization for eCommerce SEO is internal linking. Don’t let the name deter you, behind the technical jargon, it is simply the process of linking pages of websites to the other pages, within the website.

Through internal linking, one can create their anchor text, which goes a long way in ranking keywords. This is a very good trick in on-page optimization but it should be used in moderation and not on a regular basis.

You should place links naturally and not go overboard with this step so that you can fly under the radar of Google and it’s the algorithm because Google has the reputation on coming down pretty hard on websites that it finds guilty of indulging in suspicious activity.

4.Practicality –Considered one of the most crucial aspects of SEO, it is also equally important in ensuring a seamless experience for the website visitors. If you can deliver a website with a good UI, it will increase the time the visitors spend on your website, and the higher levels of interactivity will eventually ensure higher chances of conversions.

Plus, if the experience is good enough, you can also expect repeat businesses, with customers coming back to your site.

You can use a lot of tricks and tips to ensure that your website finds favor with the majority of visitors. You can ensure this by making the navigation as effortless as possible and most importantly, ensuring very few steps in the checkout process.

5.Mobile-optimization –More people are inclined to use the internet on their smartphones than on any other device and thus it is imperative on part of the business owners to ensure that their website is optimized to mobile usage.

This implies that your website should offer the same experience on mobile phones as it does on laptops and desktops. And within mobile phones, the experience should be more the same on compact mobile screens like it is on wide mobile screens.

There are around 3 billion smartphone users in the world and the same is expected to grow in the upcoming years, signaling a definite shift in the way the internet is going to be used and experienced by people, in the times to come.

More people are using the internet for placing orders and purchasing stuff than they have ever done in the past and you are missing out big time if you don’t have a mobile-friendly version of your site.

Wrapping Up

You can make the use of all the five tips that have been mentioned to get the best results from on-page SEO. Sometimes business owners are so fixated with off-page SEO that they completely forget about on-page SEO, which is equally important for every eCommerce site, in every way imaginable.

You can always outsource some aspects of SEO to the experts if you can’t manage them yourself by paying for some of the best SEO services phoenix packages if you happen to operate your business from Phoenix, Arizona.

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