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Mulesoft & Retailers: What should you know?


If you want to boost agility and productivity in your business then you must go for mulesoft. You know everywhere you go or lean to, you get to find that there is another thought leader or business tactician talking about the significance of digital transformation.

You know In an IT survey that was conducted by MuleSoft, more than two-thirds of IT decision makers have told that they were undertaking or working on digital transformation initiatives. Actually, you know one of the main factors to achieving digital transformation is structural agility.  You can make the most of this platform of Mulesoft once you take help of Mulesoft experts. These experts can get you the edge in your business that you have been craving for.

You know the retailers have understood that to know the customers is important to establish a loyal customer base and stand out from the crowd and competition. In the present age of online shopping, it is a lot more necessary than ever to access and make use of data for transforming the customer experience. It might interest you that nearly thirty two percent of shoppers do buy more from the retailer who caters a personalized experience than those who don’t.

Here the tough thing for the retailers is to section together the excessive customer data and cater a personalized customer shopping experience. To fulfil this situation, retailers have started investing in the initiative’s initiatives related to digital transformation that do help create a 360-degree customer view. Actually, these initiatives are meant to collect customer data in a prearranged manner so retailers can get practical insights.

The Challenge of Connectivity

The important challenge to have a 360-degree customer view is the trouble of maintaining the efficient central data base in real time as the customers shop through multiple channels and portray often changing preferences.  You know the manually updating data in a huge data warehouse is sluggish and error prone as it is powerless to provide timely, accurate and reliable view of customers that retailers need to cater a personalized shopping experience. Again, it might interest you that nearly fifty percent of of customers are of the opinion that retailers cater a disconnected shopping experience across different channels.

The Approach of API

API stands for Application programming interface that is used to integrate two software components. It is done to share functionality of the data. API is much more than a technical solution. It is a thing that you cater as a brand or service along with means to integrate formerly unlinked data sets. APIs permits retailers to construct new business models dissimilar from their original ones.

APIs in retail businesses encompass product search, catalogue, order submissions, inventory and also recommendations in addition to the current retail specific business lines. Once a customer is shopping online, he is making use of multiple APIs simultaneously.


Thus, the point is with the assistance of mulesoft service providers, you can ensure that the customer experience you are giving is good, powerful and cohesive. You can get the bests of both the worlds with this platform of Mulesoft.

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