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3 Reasons to Use Magento For Your eCommerce Website


There are reasons why some Content Management System are considered the best eCommerce platform and also preferred over others. The Magento eCommerce platform is one of those best online shopping platforms available. Here we have listed the top 3 reasons why you should choose Magento eCommerce development for your business website. 

  • Open Source Platform with Professional Analysis & Reporting

The first and most significant feature of Magento is it is an open-source platform, and any user, without advanced skills or expertise as well as an added help can install Magento instantly by following easy instructions. 

Due to this beneficial feature of Magento, you can avoid lump sum investment, plenty of time consumption, and nerve-wracking work.

Magento’s open-source platform also offers modification and extra usage for free. Moreover, with extensive knowledge of Magento, a Magento development company can develop the basic codes as per client preference and introduce additional features and functions after choosing the similar extensions for the Magento website. 

You do not need to worry about having extensions, as well. There are plenty of free extensions available on the Magento website. If you are looking for a unique solution, you can get updated professional developments following the latest trends. Flexibility and customization are two other major features of Magento that all users receive for sure.

And not just that, Magento users automatically receive professional data analysis and reports. These tools help the user get valuable insights to define most used search terms, most viewed services or products, bestsellers, the volume of sold articles over a certain period, revenue generation, tax paid and shipping costs, etc. Further, the search term analysis helps in pointing out the most in-demand service and products. 

Magento Analysis & Reporting

Magento eCommerce websites are integrated with Google Analytics previously and generate an accurate sales report that exhibits an overall representation of business performance.

  • Variety of Features Offering Endless Scopes

The convincing set of built-in features of the open-source Magento platform intensify user experience and increase sales potential. 

Also, the admin interface is distinctly user-friendly. Anyone with the least expertise in handling the Magento eCommerce store can operate the shop without any difficulties. 

Here we have listed the major Magento features that make it one of the most valued platforms to build an eCommerce website. 

  • Get access to a range of product types like Simple Product, Configurable Product, Grouped Product, Virtual Product, Bundle Product.
  • Get several pricing options to use for promotions, as well as to meet the lowest advertised pricing requirements of the manufacturer. Advanced Pricing features also help maintain Group Price, Special Price, Tier Price. 
  • Magento also offers a comprehensive inventory management trait that allows managing the product inventory, with additional services like warehouses, stores, drop shippers maintenance and sales quantity and shipment handling. 
  • Magento product attributes section is the building block of the product catalog, and describe specific features of any product. 
  • Promotes an array of built-in shipping interfaces for interactions with the top freights like UPS, USPS, DHL, FedEx.  Moreover, the choice of multiple shipping options promotes higher conversion than those using a single way for all shipments.
  • Supports a variety of online payment gateways and other payment methods, services to offer for customers’ convenience.
  • With Magento eCommerce development, you can launch multiple stores based on a single installation. It also allows online stores to function in different countries. You can set your service or product pricing in different currencies. Also, the store language is changeable.

To get more in-depth knowledge of Magento’s open-source features, read out the official User Guide

  • Improved SEO & Marketing with Customer Support

If launching your business website leads you to the halfway to success, SEO optimization and marketing take you to the target.

We already know, no business becomes profitable without appropriate Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing.

And in Magento, SEO is given serious attention, so every Magento eCommerce website user can enjoy benefits of the tools like – uniquely developed search engine friendly URLs, Google Site Map, built-in Google Analytics, and more.

Magento also supports extending all these features using third-party elements, like email follow up for abandoned cart or incomplete purchase. Also, you can add catalog promotion and discount codes to attract a host of new customers.

eCommerce Website

When you are promoting your service or products, attracting more viewers, having increased traffic and conversion, you need strong customer service and support to address any customer queries and complaints.  

Magento helps you in the same as well. You can create an improved customer account with user wishlist, order history, shipping, and delivery status and more for streamlined eCommerce experience.

Buyers also feel pleased when offered with loyalty programs and rewards based discounts. You can also introduce such offers to match any particular business requirements, with the solutions from the Magento extension library. 

In case, you can hire a Magento development company to make sure this dynamic software and its rich features bring the best out for your eCommerce website.


To summarize the entire piece, we can say, Magento is a remarkably useful CMS platform, especially beneficial for eCommerce website development. If you are about to launch a serious digital business to achieve optimum growth and higher income, you would better consider Magento eCommerce development for the purpose.

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