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iPad Tips and Tricks That Might Change Your Life


iPad tips can put you on the fast lane to productivity and fun. I use my iPad for communication, work, reading books, cooking, and playing games as well as watching videos. I was surprised to learn I wasn’t using it to its full capacity though.

That’s why I threw this list of iPhone Tips and Tricks together, so you can use your iPad to its full capabilities as well. So without fanfare, here are some lesser-known tips and tricks you can use on your iPad.

Use Two Thumbs to Type More Efficiently

To do this, you need to split the keyboard into two. Didn’t know you could do that? Good thing you’re reading this article! Use a gesture: take two fingers, drag them to the left and right, separating the keyboard. Don’t you like the change? Just drag the pieces back together.

Categorize Apps into Groups and Put them into Folders for Easy Access

You could have a folder for work, a folder for media, and a folder for personal documents, or another one for games. Classifying apps makes for easy access. To make folders, hold down an app, dragging it over a different app you also want to be in the folder. Pro tip: You can put together a list of favorites and keep this folder in the Dock for access that is fast as lightning.

Take an Automagic screenshot

Tap the Home, Sleep, and Wake buttons simultaneously until you hear a click. That means that your screenshot has been sent. This picture will automatically be sent to your Photos library. Pretty cool!

Snap a Screenshot

To take a screenshot that will be automatically sent to your Photos library, press the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons at the same time until you hear a click. Voila!

Discover the Hidden Trackpad

You might not be aware that if you touch your keyboard using two fingers in an app, it will become a trackpad. This means that your cursor will move along with your fingers, handy for document and mail apps were editing content is important.

Put a Stop to Annoying Notifications

Are your iPad notifications piling up? Do you feel like every app on your iPad wants to tell you about every detail it can? If you find this annoying, head to Settings, Notifications, and untoggle the notifications you do not want to see. Pro Tip: While you’re in this area, customize notification sounds and how they will be delivered.

Customization Control

Using a gesture, swipe up from your iPad screen to access the Control Center. Here You can access features you’re going to need to use often like mute, screen lock, airplane mode, and more. This gesture can save you serious time.

Use Even More Gestures to Get Stuff Done

Swipe left or right to switch between apps. Pinch your fingers to get to the home screen. You can also pull up the app switcher with one swipe up. If you are triggering these actions mistakenly and it’s driving you crazy, you can turn them off by going to Settings, then General, then Multitasking.

Own the Share Menu

When you tap the share button, you’ll find the capability to send the pertinent information to email, printers, or other apps.

You can customize this. Tap Share, head right, and tap on more – here you’ll see features that can be switched on and off.

Anger the Apple Gods by Using Google

Apple wants to be the center of your digital universe, urging you to use iCloud for everything that can possibly be done. The fact of the matter is, some Google products like Gmail and Google Calendar might be better, and more popular. If you’re one of those outliers who wants to use good services, head to Settings, where you can access Calendar and Accounts. You’ll be presented with a step by step process to add Google Calendar. You can also go to Settings, Mail, and do the same for Gmail. Just don’t tell your trendy Apple friends that you are using Google services!

Produce PDFs

A lesser-known but very helpful feature. Find anything you’d like to save as a PDF file, head to the Share menu in Safari where you’ll see the option to Save a PDF to the iBooks option. Now you can save online articles that you can read later.

Use a Final Trick to Read a Different Way

If you use Safari (and what upstanding Apple customer doesn’t?) there is a Reading list where you can pin articles you would like to read later. When you sync iCloud for Safari between devices, things get really cool. You can save an article from your work Mac that you can read on your iPad when you get home. One caveat: make sure the boss isn’t looking when you do this.

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