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Residential Interior Designer in Vaishali
Residential Interior design refers to the interior design that is exclusively designed for private residences. It is a very sensitive aspect as an interior designer has to examine all the important things and cater to the needs of the people residing there. RID Interiors offer Interior designer service in Vaishali,Ghaziabad. RID Interiors has to be designed and decorated according to the needs and wants of the people. It can be anything from selecting an item of furniture, painting a wall, decorative lamps to brightening a room through the use of artificial lighting. The following things can be done to provide a new look to a residential house-

1. Use of light colours in living rooms, to provide much appeal and optimism to it.

2. Artificial lighting can be used in place of regular lighting equipment, to enhance the decor and scenic beauty of a room.

3. Small plants can be used to decorate the kitchen and living room. They are very cheap and also help in cleaning the surroundings, by absorbing harmful pollutants.

4. Wallpapers can be used on walls, that add to the beauty and grandeur of the room.

5. Crafted wooden bookcases can be used. They take up less space and is a delight to a viewers eye.

These were some notable changes that can be done, to provide a new, novel and an appealing look to a residential house.

Color Selection is a crucial part of Interior Decoration

When it comes to designing the interior, or even the exterior of your house for that matter, colour plays a very important role. You need to be very choosy and precise as far as colour selection is concerned. You need to remember that the colour you like the most may not always turn out to be the best option.RID Interior Designers helps for colour selection service with interior design in vaishali It depends on several factors like space, colour, and type of furniture, the floor and other factors. Using a combination of different colours in the same room has become a very popular trend these days.

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Colour for your Bedroom

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When it comes to your bedroom, it is always a good idea to go for light and soothing colours. You would want to maintain a calm environment inside your bedroom; too much vibrant colour may prove to be quite noisy. White, lemon yellow, pink are some of the common options as far as bedroom colours are concerned.

Living Room Demands Vibrancy
For your living room, you can opt for all kinds of different colour combinations. Using loud and vibrant colours in living rooms is a very common choice.As far as colour selection is concerned, it all depends on your taste. There are no fast and hard rules about it.

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