How to stop your iPhone from Overheating


The weather outside is chilly, but it’s still possible that your smartphone can overheat. This is an issue because overheated phones can shut down temporarily, or even potentially shrink in lifespan.

To avoid needing iPhone repair, you should take these measures to prevent your smartphone from getting damaged from the heat.

Why Your iPhone Overheats

The answer is simple. When parts move, they generate heat. When you use your iPhone, electricity moves within and this in part explains how much heat your iPhone generates.

Most of the heat emanating from your iPhone is from your phone’s SoC (System on a Chip) which causes problems but is an integral part of your phone because it is home to your graphics processing units. Without your SoC, you wouldn’t be able to see what goes on in your phone, making it a moot point.

Other times your iPhone can overheat as a result of power-hungry apps that eat up your CPU. If you don’t want your iPhone to overheat so you can avoid iPhone repair, avoid widgets, features, and functions, as well as connectivity like location, Bluetooth or wi-fi. All of these functions are useful, but they all eat up processing power which will warm your SoC, necessitating more electricity to fuel the features, which will warm your battery.

Sometimes, your iPhone can overheat due to circumstantial situations, like leaving it in a car during the day, even in the chilly weather. Unfortunately, when your phone is overheating frequently, the electricity surging through your phone can lead to permanent damage.

How Can Your iPhone Be Damaged by Heat Damage?

iPhones are charged with a Lithium-ion battery, which is severely heat sensitive. The extra head will ramp up your battery degradation, and eventually, it will die.

Another part of your phone that can be broken from overheating is that very important system on a chip. If it has to tolerate too much heat for too long, there could be physical damage.

How to Prevent iPhone Heat Damage

Keep an Eye on Your Battery

Never expose your battery to excess heat when it is fully charged, so don’t power your phone up to a full charge. This will put stress on your battery.

You also want your phone to stay above zero percent. You should keep your phone charged from 30-80%. This might be a pain in the neck, but ultimately, it will make your battery last longer. If you absolutely need to charge your iPhone overnight, leave it on a hard, cool surface, not on your bed or a piece of furniture like the couch which can trap heat.

Keep an Eye on Your SoC

To prevent your SoC from heating too much, ensure that you don’t do CPU intensive activities for too long, like watching videos, multitasking on apps, or playing power consuming games. Always use stable wi-fi, and avoid using Bluetooth for too long.

Cool Down Your Phone by Removing the Protective Case

Although these cases protect your phone, they can trap heat inside, so if you need to cool down your phone, take the case off so that your iPhone can get some air.

Use a Handy App

Investigate apps that will conserve your iPhone’s power and resources. We recommend Greenify, which is a free app that can seriously extend battery life and help you to prevent overheating.

Don’t Use Your Battery Too Long

Take a look at your iPhone’s settings to see which app or process is eating up the most battery power. If it’s consuming a lot of battery, chances are the app is making a lot of heat. Put your finger on the apps that are causing battery overheating, and disable or delete them.

Turn your brightness settings as low as possible to reduce any strain you might put on your battery.

Be Mindful of Where You Store Your Phone

Cars, even in the winter, can trap heat, causing the temperature to escalate quickly. If you leave your phone in your car for a while, even in the glove compartment, it can cause your LCD screen and battery to get damaged,

Don’t keep your iPhone in your purse or pocket for too long. You’re going to want to let your phone breathe every once and a while. When you carry your phone around in an encapsulated space, circulation will be blocked, hurting the inner components.

Follow these tips and you will do a good job of preventing your iPhone from overheating, avoiding iPhone repair.

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