How to Fight Crime with your Television

Violence is everywhere – be it video games, books, movies, music videos and cartoons – it is literally all around. And the sad part is that it is becoming hard to avoid. With the exposure of technology and access to media 24/7, the question is – what’s the impact on all, especially kids?
The quick answer is – we don’t have an answer! Experts are of the opinion that no single factor can lead a nonviolent person to act and behave aggressively. But, they also agree that being exposed to heavy violence can be a risk element for violent behavior. The most vulnerable at this is children. If they are exposed to diverse risk factors such as conflict and aggression – they are most likely to act aggressively.
There are benefits of media and technology, which also includes TV, and they can lead your kids towards social learning if exposed to the right shows. Hence, parents must evaluate if the content that their children consume is violent or not. Doing this will go a long way in assisting them to avoid wrong stuff. Now the brands are introducing new and technical features day by day. Like if you will see the Lloyd TV features such as sleep timer, on-screen equalizer, dynamic contrast ratio, 3D digital Comb filter and other much more, you will find that how the TVs are playing much more important roles being smart as well as phones in present era.

In addition to this, here’s how a parent can manage TV and other media violence in the lives of your kids. Continue reading!

  • Explain the consequences of violence to kids

You should always explain the consequences of watching bloodshed in any form in a TV program and elsewhere. Teach them what will happen (legal action) if they try to imitate violence as seen in a TV show in real life.

  • Keep an eye on the clock

Be it a violent video game or anything that may push their adrenaline; you should not let them spend too much time with virtual violence. Why? The longer they spend time engrossed in violence, the greater will be its impact and after-effects.

  • Teach them about conflict resolution

Most kids know that hitting someone on the head is not a cool way to resolve differences and disagreements. But, verbal cruelty is also a form of violence. Hence, you should teach kids what word to use where. They should know that they can solve many things without raising a hand or delivering a punch to another person.

  • Know about the media of your kids

Check out the ratings of the show that your kids consume, and try to go through its reviews on online platforms. You must check if your kids are being exposed to video streaming on your Smart LG LCD TV or any other brand. It is because online media content is not rated and can show brutal violent and sexually explicit content.

  • Keep checking on the friend circle of your children

It would be good to check on the kind of friend circle that you kids have. Being consistently in touch with violent or ill-behaved children should be curtailed. You should talk to your kids about why connecting with such friends is not cool.

You are now aware of the easy ways you can beat crime and violence on TV and also make your kids understand its ill effects.

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