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How to Design Interior of an Open Kitchen Restaurant?


The restaurant industry holds a significant position in the business sector of the UAE. It has faced immense progress in the past few years due to increased tourism trends in the region. Research claims that the industry is expected to see a major boom during Dubai expo 2020. The restaurants have the pressure of making their presence visible and distinguish themselves from competitors. including an open kitchen in the interior can prove to be an effective strategy of getting the attention and appreciation of the visitor. People feel more comfortable and satisfied with food quality and service in restaurants that have an open kitchen. Research has highlighted that customers gave high ratings to the food, which was prepared in front of them. Considering the challenges to the industry, as well as future opportunities, the restaurant management is actively including open kitchens in their interior. Generally, the concerned authorities take the help of restaurant interior design Dubai based companies to get their open kitchen designed in the perfect manner, which will boost the feel of their place. This article will provide your top ideas for designing the interior of open kitchen restaurants as well as important considerations for making the set up attractive and comfortable.

Top 4 Interior Ideas for Open Kitchen Restaurants

The restaurant is an industry that directly deals with the general public. The management has to consider the wishes and preferences of the general public in order to provide the best quality service and earn some brownie points. The use of an open kitchen in the restaurant interior is not a new but growing trend of the twenty-first century.

The following are some of the most important interior ideas for open kitchen restaurants.

1.      Make Proper Adjustment of Ventilation

The very first and important thing in the case of including an open kitchen in the restaurant interior is the proper adjustment of ventilation. In open kitchen restaurant settings, the management has to consider the fact that smoke from cooking does not accumulate in the dining hall. On the other hand, some people are allergic to the smoke and the smell of certain spices. The restaurant interior designers have to ensure not to let these factors impact the main area.

2.      Ensure a Clean Front Display of Kitchen

The clean front display of the kitchen is one of the most critical things in open kitchen restaurants. The purpose of such a setting is to let the visitors see the chefs preparing their food. If the display is not clean and tidy, it will create a negative impression on the clients. Separate sections on the internal side of the kitchen can be made for keeping the ingredients and other related things and avoid extra display on the front side.

3.      Include Main and Side Dining Halls

The open kitchen restaurants have their own charm. Visitors can see the chefs live, doing the cooking tricks which they often display in cooking shows. So, the main dining hall should be included in the interior to let the people enjoy this. On the other hand, some people are scared of fire due to some trauma or other reason and do not want to sit in the open kitchen setting. For them, restaurants can include side dining halls and ensure their quality time.

4.      Set up Waiting Area away from Main Hall

Another important purpose of open kitchen restaurant settings is to let the visitors enjoy the aroma of food and the process of its preparation. However, the aroma can make the waiting customers “hangry.” So, it is better to set up the waiting areas away from the main hall to ensure people do not get anxious while waiting to get seated and served.

Facing difficulty in realizing these ideas?

It is quite understandable that realizing the verbal ideas can seem tricky and difficult. The restaurant managers can miss the important details considering them minor issues and suffer from their choices later on.

However, to avoid all such issues, you can acquire the services of restaurant interior design Dubai based companies and ensure that every aspect of the interior gets due attention. By taking the help of experts, you can also ensure to provide a state of art setting to your customers, which will move them to visit your restaurant again and again. So, do not make the wrong choices and let the experts handle the complexities.

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