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How to Delete Instagram Account Without Losing Your Stuff


Instagram is an online service helps Business, Individual in sharing videos, photos(square-shaped photos), social networking enabled with the ability to share the updates, videos, images onto other social networking sites like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus, tumbler and many more.

A mobile-based App made available to download o iTunes, Google play store, windows phone store, and Apple App store, supported on PC, I Pod, iPhone, iPad, Android headsets, blackberry, Nokia headsets, etc. Helps you in getting web/niche traffic, increases your web visibility, and gets you more likes 123netflix. Instagram created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in October 2019, now it was acquired by Face book, Instagram is a popular photo-sharing app with 10,000, 000 active users, since 2019.

How to use or access Instagram on Personal computer

This app is known for its feature “capturing and sharing the sweet movements”

You can’t directly view an Instagram on your PC. You need to follow few steps to view Instagram on pc. Below are the steps that can help you find the solutions for the users facing an issue as discussed above.

You need to download an app to I Phone, Android headset or any other Instagram compatible smart device, you can download the Instagram app from Apple App Store, Google play store, windows phone store.

You need to register or create an account from a mobile device and activate it by verifying with your mobile no (used for future reference when you forget your password) or email (used for future reference when you forget your password) or with your Facebook account.

You can enjoy the Instagram services on your computer after activation only.

Don’t bother if something went wrong during your account creating process, you have the advantage to update these again if needed.

You can change your username and email & mobile no associated with an Instagram account. Different versions of Instagram have different ways to confirm the update info they are done with iPhone, Save with android, check button with Windows phone.

Here is an additional future with Instagram i.e. you can even update your personal information from your Instagram web profile or Instagram web account though it is the mobile-based app, Social media lovable users you can now enjoy the features of Instagram with your account via Personal Computer or Mobile Device.

Share your moments, trendy snaps, lovable videos, fallow the famous Instagrammers, activate automatic social sharing feature to share the updates on Mocospace, facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, tumbler and more which increases your social presence. Update your Instagram account with high-quality images to grab the interest of Instagrammers so that they can fallow, they can like, they can share.

Hey, you being a star, celebrity, public figure you can take advantage to have verified badge for your profile. Don’t feel disappointed or not being a star or public figure, you can show you’ re authentic through linking your Instagram account profile with your official website, Face book page, Twitter account

Use Instagram to improve your business

Make the difference in your marketing, a business trying Instagram in your social media strategy, more and more businesses and marketers already using Instagram to raise their popularity.

Instagram started Instagram for a business blog to help the business leaders to go beyond business, understand the ways to use Instagram for their business, reach their niche audience using Instagram.

Tell about business with fun images, tracking the image engagement is essential to understand your followers.

Increase your followers by connecting Instagram with facebook and Pubg pc, using popular hashtags, liking and following other niche related Instagrammers.

Undergo Cross posting to your Face book page

Use the best the video future on Instagram i.e. video on Instagram (editable, filter-enabled, 15 seconds length supported)

Sharing industrial trends, optimizing Your Instagram-account-profile

How To Delete Instagram Account

How to delete an Instagram account without losing your stuff shared, followers you have?

This becomes a difficult task with many Instagram users for years, most of the users on Instagram not able to delete their accounts permanently and most of them on to dilemma.

Few things you need to understand before deleting your Instagram account.

  • Instagrammers can delete account permanently
  • The Instagram account can’t be recovered.
  • Instagram account username can’t be used again, even Instagram account associated with it was deleted.
  • Photos, videos, followers associated with deleted Instagram account can’t recover once you delete the Instagram account.
  • Instagrammers can’t claim account with email already used to create Instagram account even after the Instagram account associated with the email is deleted

Instagrammers are going to understand the following things here

  • How to delete or disable Instagram account temporarily?
  • How to delete Instagram account permanently?
  • How to take back up of stuff and followers on Instagram before deleting Instagram account permanently?

Disable the Instagram account temporarily

Deleting the account on the mobile app will make the account delete temporarily, is this is true. Here is the process to disable Instagram temporarily

  • Instagrammers should log in to their account on Instagram from mobile or pc.
  • Click on the account username (ex: TechGoooogle) can be found on the left corner, find the edit profile in the dropdown.
  • Then you can come out with popup with an option on the bottom right as “Temporarily disable my account.”
  • Click on the option and follow the set of instructions fired immediately clicking on the option.

Delete the Instagram account permanently

You have many options to share the images other than Instagram includes flicker, tumbler, google+. You don’t want your information to be made public as Instagram was acquired by social media giant the Face book can be few reasons to delete the Instagram account.

Instagrammers are once again should understand that when you delete a mobile-friendly photo-sharing app Instagram account you are going to lose permanently your username associated with the profile, photos, videos, comments, likes, followers, access to Instagram from the email associated with the account.

Backup your Instagram account work before deleting the account

You can use “Instaport” to backup photos on Instagram and to other social source or local hard drive as a zip file

We have copy gram a web interface of Instagram, Instadesk, Social folder (dropbox for Social media) to back up your social media site vumoo and includes Instagram, twitter, google+, etc. Next time whenever you want to delete Instagram account you should be prepared. Hey, Instagrammers Tech Google team warn you that you can’t delete Instagram account from your mobile or smartphone, you need to go with Instagram home page

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Steps to delete Instagram account permanently

  • Log in to your Instagram account from your pc (must to delete account).
  • You can find Username on the top right-hand corner, click on the username.
  • Find the “edit profile” and click, in the drop-down resulted due to click on the username.
  • Results pop up so to edit profile, you can find the button at the bottom corner “I’d like to delete my account”, click the button link.
  • Answer the Instagram team questions i.e. reasons for deleting the account, give the reason that best fit, and click into to continue to reenter the password.
  • Finally, click on the button “permanently deactivate my account.”

Even after deleting Instagram account, the staff will still retain with the Instagram team

Final Words

Deleting your account can’t be recovered, the username can’t be used again, the email can’t be used again to create new account on Instagram, all the staff will be deleted .still retain with Instagram team, so we need to save our work before deleting the account with other social service or store to phone or hard disk.


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