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How Competitive School Activities Shape Students Personality?


Extracurricular activities are an important part of the life of students. Such activities significantly shape their thinking and personality. On the other hand, schools also take part in the inter-schools competitions, held at the city and state level. These events or competitions provide new opportunities to students which impact their personality development.

The western countries have fully developed their educational sector. The Middle Eastern countries are now learning from them and implementing their strategies in their educational system. Schools are now more focused on participating in intercity and state competition, which shape the personality of students.

The parents in the region also trust the schools in making their children confident and bright through such competitions. They enrol their kids in the UK curriculum schools in Dubai and ensure a competitive atmosphere, which will leave positive impacts on their personalities.

The article will highlight some of the ways competitive activities in schools shape the personality of students.

Top 4 Ways School Competitions Impact Personality of Students

Every school focuses on including extracurricular activities. However, not all schools encourage competitions with other schools at the city or state level. Such activities open new avenues of progress and shape the personality of students.

The following are some of the most important ways school competitions impact the personality of students.

1.    Boost their Self Esteem

One of the most important ways the school competitions impact the personality of students is by boosting their self-esteem. Students develop a sense of identity with their schools. When sports, debate, or other literary competitions are conducted between different schools, the students feel proud of it. It boosts their self-esteem and encourages them to be the representative of their schools

2.    Make them Sociable and Friendly

One of the most important ways school competitions shape the personality of students is by providing them opportunities for social gatherings. In such competitions, students interact with kids of other schools, develop the healthy competition, and make new friends. Such competitions teach them to interact with more people and children, which makes them sociable and friendly.

3.    Ensure Productive Breaks

Extracurricular activities in the schools are too mainstream. They do provide a little break from academics; however, they do not serve any bigger purpose. On the other hand, competitive activities at the city or state level ensure a productive break for the students. They learn about new perspectives and opportunities in life, which motivates them to consider their passion.

4.    Teach them Life Skills

The most important way competitive activities at the school level shape the personality of students is by teaching them life skills. Such activities teach them that life is not all about success. There are some failures, too; however, they should never let the failures become their weakness. It teaches them to pursue their passion and work hard to achieve it.

Imagining your child embodying these characteristics?

Well, you do not need to imagine only, as you can make it happen in reality. You can enrol your children in the UK curriculum schools in Dubai and ensure the fact that they get the opportunity of participating in intercity or state competitions. You can also ensure your child develops some happy memories and learn from these experiences, which will shape his/her personality.

So, what are you waiting for? Make the right decision for the better future of your children now.

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