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Hong Kong’s Top 5 Freelance Jobs


According to a LinkedIn report, the global workforce by 2020 will be filled in by almost 50% freelancers. It has been found that over a period of time, contractual works or freelancing works have increased a lot. Among the Asian countries, there are few countries that are actually doing very well in the freelance jobs market. Here, a special mention goes to Hong Kong, which has shown a growth of almost 50% in the last 2 years in freelancing jobs.

The rise in freelancing jobs in Hong Kong: Reasons

Hong Kong’s “gig” economy is growing due to the rise of the sharing economy and a change in hiring policies for big companies like banks and financial institutions.  A decade back, Hong Kong concentrated more on the permanent job market. But after the recession of the economy in 2008, there were changes in the market. And businesses and organizations started focusing more on contractual or freelance jobs. Plus, Hong Kong’s startup ecosystem is growing at an increasing pace. It has been seen that in recent times, there are more freelance opportunities than permanent job opportunities in the country.  In Hong Kong today, freelancing work is becoming increasingly common especially in the areas of IT and financial services and other areas too.

What are Hong Kong’s Top 5 Freelance Jobs?

As a number of companies are offering freelance jobs, Hong Kong people are becoming more and more attracted to the comfort and benefits of working from home. The top freelance jobs or work from home jobs in Hong Kong are as follows: 

Web development and information technology

In recent years, freelance jobs’ data reveals an increase in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) projects. Thus, the Website, IT, and Software top the list of freelance job categories in Hong Kong. Usually, people consider web design and web development as same. But, as a matter of fact, both the jobs are different and web development freelance jobs are more popular. The candidate has to be an expert not only in designing but also in coding, decoding text code to programming languages like HTML, PHP, C++, Python, etc.

Top Freelance Jobs

Language Translation

Language translation is another popular freelance job in Hong Kong. There are more than 60 languages in which translation jobs are available, offered by many organizations. Candidates expert in simplified Chinese, French, English, Hebrew, and even Lithuanian have a great scope in freelance translation jobs in Hong Kong. Translation jobs include not only hard-core translation but also proofreading and transcription. If you are fluent in your second (or third, fourth, or even fifth language), language translation freelance jobs might be the right job for you.

Data Entry Freelance Jobs

Data Entry jobs are other popular freelance jobs in Hong Kong. It involves transcribing information/data into another form of medium. Data entry jobs include encoding data into the computer system. The job roles include a database management system, data processing, email handling, Microsoft Excel, and other virtual assistant tasks. Data entry projects require the freelancer candidates to file or encode, type, copy and paste data from the given materials.

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There’s a huge range of graphic design jobs available to freelancing candidates. Design freelance jobs include typography, logo and icon design, web design, photoshop, design for corporate stationeries, banners, flyers, and even interior design. Graphic designers are also involved in handling multimedia projects like website designing. Candidates in such freelance jobs include InDesign, Acrobat Pro, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, and professional skills like HTML and JavaScript. 

Freelance Jobs in Writing and Content 

Most companies in Hong Kong are also hiring freelancers for content and writing jobs, considering the importance of content and customer engagement. Freelance Jobs under this category include jobs like writing articles, ghostwriting, copywriting, blog posts, press releases, social media marketing, academic research, etc. 

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