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Gaurav Gupta  Lord of Seven Hills makes a massive Investment in Fura

 After purchasing the 94,904,408 Common Shares (approximately 39.2%), the Lord of Seven Hills Holdings FZE (“L7H”)  Gaurav Gupta announced this one on 10th October 2019. With this significant achievement of getting the high Common Shares of Fura Gems Inc (the “Company”) at a price of $0.25 per Common Share in connection with the closing of the first tranche (the “First Tranche Placement”) of a non-brokered private placement financing of Common Shares of the Company is not ever easy.

Now, for the completion of total gross proceeds to the Company of C$33,877,500 (the “Private Placement Transaction”), it goes on with one or more additional tranches for highly fragmented results. For maintaining a good position in the investment sector, the L7H performs in a controlled way and manage the agreement between the two very wisely. By setting a bright image in the investment market, the L7H is achieving a reputed position in the long run. 

Do you want to know that- What is the actual set-up between the L7H and its joint actors for efficient results? 

Take a look below to understand the complete procedure between the two

  • Before the First Tranche Placement, the L7H and its joint actors (Gaurav Gupta fura lord of seven hills           , who is the controller of L7H) execute commendable ownership and control for the Common shares of 11,455,126 (approximately 8.5% of the 135,161,147). 
  • TheL7H and its joint actors had ownership or control over 106,359,534 Common Shares, approximately 44.0% of the Common Shares outstanding after the First Tranche Placement successful closing of the First Tranche Placement.
  • Based on the agreement, L7H is expected to get 28,755,592 with the one or more additional tranches for Common Shares following the Private Placement Transaction to provide approximately 47.9% of the Common Shares having a total of 130,204,126 with its joint actors. Following the issuance together with its collective actors, it will hold a total of 135,115,125 Common Shares, which represents approximately 49.7% of the outstanding Common Shares.

To achieve the desired results and to increase the ownership, the L7H and its joint actors purchase the Common Shares for the investment and supply their complete efforts to achieve the targets in this sector and investment directly or indirectly. It’s very clear from the entire procedure that it takes a lot of effort to invest in the market, and besides all this, to manage your investment by keeping an eye on the futuristic goals needs to be learned from the L7H. 

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It is necessary to keep knowledge regarding the market by following the right strategies in a predetermined time frame to get the desired results. With your superb management team, you can grow in the competitive market of investment by setting long term rates and effectively handling the decline in the market. Always keep in mind to be prepared with your professional attitude for high-quality investment and to achieve tremendous results smoothly. Do not forget to keep the focus on how to manage dramatic upturns with the powerful skills you learned from the investment sector. 

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