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Fix QuickBooks Error H202


Cannot access a particular file of Quickbooks? This means that the file no longer exists in your computer system. This is a hint of QuickBooks Error H202. It is a kind of issue that comes up due to security or damaged file problems. then, this error damage a file then Contact our Quickbooks Payroll Support

QuickBooks is the most widely used accounting tool that helps users to keep better track of their financial transactions and taxes. The significant causes associated with this issue include – connectivity, data, file and server-based issues. 

What will be displayed on the desktop screen if you meet an error code H202

In this blog, we will help you get rid of the QuickBooks error H202. To defeat this difficulty, you only have to follow the following troubleshooting steps:

Causes For the QuickBooks Error H202

  1. A firewall is blocking the communication to the company file.
  2. Configuration settings wrong.
  3. QuickBooks DBXX service has not been beginning.
  4. nd file is damaged
  5. Not capable to scan the Quickbooks file folder with the QB data server.

One thing to note is that the QB error codes H505, H202, H303, and H101 are all related to multi-user mode and issues of the server computer, hence the troubleshooting steps are almost interlinked. In order to avoid confusion here is a link to the blog of our site that talks about overcoming QuickBooks Error H505, and all the troubleshooting steps are the same.

Easy Methods to solve QuickBooks Error H202

Here we are some of the most effective techniques provides you that help you get rid of the QuickBooks error code h202: – 

Solution – 1: Network Connectivity Configuration

  • Open QuickBooks on all the systems it is installed in. 
  • Then, from the File menu, click on the ‘Utilities’ option and turn on Hosting. 
  • Now, press the Windows key on your keyword and then type ‘This PC’ on the host computer. 
  • You will find the Network option on the left side of the screen, click on it twice to ensure all the networks are properly visible. 
  • Now, Ping or Send a message to all the other computers that have QB installed in them. 
  • Then, do the same from the system that is displaying the error. 
  • The ping test is possible only by making use of the Command Prompt. 
  • The command will be: ping (Name of the Computer) + Enter 

You can get rid of the issue on your own if you are familiar with Command Prompt. In case you are not so tech-savvy then you may get in touch with team QB Pro Solution.

Solution – 2: Affix the QB Server Information in the Windows Host File 

  • The windows host file will be available in the C Drive, so you need to look for it over there. 
  • You need to make use of this method on all the systems that are displaying the error. 
  • Once you find the file, click on it twice and use the Open With option and then choose Notepad.
  • Go through the end of the file and then enter the IP Address.
  • Now press the TAB key on your keyword and enter the QB server name. 
  • Then Save the file by pressing Ctrl+S or through the Save option from the File menu. 

This method has worked for a lot of users, so we advise that you use the above-mentioned steps carefully. 

Solution– 3: Make use of the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool to Examine the Errors 

  • Check for the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool in your accounting software. It is generally in-built and if it isn’t you will require downloading it. 
  • Once you have installed it, run it to scan the QB Company File folder. 
  • Note down the IP address when the tool starts running. 
  • Read all the onscreen instructions from start to end.
  • After that, open the company file once again to verify if the error still exists. 

In case the error still bothers you, we suggest that you add QuickBooks firewall port exceptions in your Windows Firewall and the security software.

Solution – 4: Configure QBDBSM

  • Use the Run window, type MSC and then select the ‘Services’ icon. 
  • A list of programs or services will appear from where you need to choose the QuickBooks Database Server Manager file. The file will be visible in a short form, for instance, QuickBooksDBxx (here, XX represents the QuickBooks version you have on your system).
  • After finding the file, select the on the ‘Stop’ service option to disable the service. 
  • Click on the drop-down and then select the ‘Automatic’ start checkbox.
  • Open the QB tool to try opening the file again.

A common reason for QuickBooks Error H202 is the QuickBooks Database Server Manager Service not working. If restarting the service also does not have any effect you need to ensure to move to the next technique. 

Solution – 5: Change the Location of the Company File 

  • Before changing the location, it is important that you create a New Folder in the C Drive.
  • If you cannot find the company file, search for it. TLG file in the search box and once you find it, Copy it.
  • Then, open the New Company file folder and paste the old company file there. 
  • Open your accounting software and try opening the file in the multi-user mode.
  • Check out the next time if you are still able to see the issue. 

Solution – 6: Fix and Update your QuickBooks 

Open the Control Panel in your computer system and click on Programs and Features. Then find the QuickBooks program from the list of programs and click on it. You will see Change/Repair options from which you need to click on Repair

Besides this, you also need to check if there is any pending update. If there is any, quickly update your software and the issue will be removed on its own. 

Solution – 7: Rename all the ‘.TLG’ and ‘.ND’ Files   

  • Close QuickBooks on all the computers.
  • Shut down or Close QB on all the systems it is installed in.
  • Then, open the company file in the server or host computer
  • You now need to find all the files with ‘.TLG’ in the end and check whether all of them are displaying the error h202.
  • Rename all the files that show that error and write OLD next to them. 
  • Then repeat the same for all the ‘.ND’ file and close the folder that contains the Company File. 
  • This will hopefully eliminate the error and you will be able your accounting tool without any trouble. 

There is a possibility that all of these techniques will fail and you won’t be able to remove the issue from your software. In a circumstance like this, pick up the phone and talk to one of our experts to get further assistance. If you need Support Contact Our Quickbooks Support Team.

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