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Woah 1k Instagram Followers! Doesn’t it feel splendid to achieve this milestone? Well, it doesn’t happen by luck or automatically.

You need to put some effort. Good content or an adorable picture is not enough to build engaged followers.

Instagram is becoming the first social media choice for youngsters from the last few years. It also has the benefit of the highest engagement with various brands.

Isn’t there any way to achieve the first 1k followers on this contemporary platform? Of course, there is. You will be able to see numerous tips and tricks telling how to gain 1000 Instagram followers.

However, the way of achieving this milestone on small accounts is a bit different from the bigger ones. The reason is; it is very hard to grab people’s attention towards these accounts.

Also, 1k followers are quite attainable on personal accounts. But, if you are planning to grow a business or a personal brand, then here’s something valuable for you.

In this article, we are going to discuss a few steps that can assist in acquiring 1k Instagram followers.


There are two significant parts of your BIO that can help in gaining followers. It is your Name and a Username.  As these two entities are searchable, you can attract an audience from here.

In case of having a brand comprises your name; a username field should have your name. On the other hand, the business pages would have a business name as a username.

It’s better to add some keywords here if your account is thematic.

You can also add some keywords in the Name field. Or, anything that describes your business well, and catches people’s attention.

You don’t need to worry about remaining BIO, as it is not searchable. However, it is advisable to add some introduction or details of who you are and what you do. It will help people to know more about you.

Follow acquaintances

Your first followers can be your friends, family, and other connection. So, after making an account, it’s better to first search them and follow them.

In this way, they will know about your account and will follow your back.

Look for the target audiences

In order to achieve engaged followers, you first need to clearly identify your potential audience. These people will be your target.

Now, where can we look for them? The appropriate way is to the first search for relevant accounts (not competitors). For example, for kids’ toys brands, you can look for accounts involving mommies, and kids’ entertainment etc.

After finding such accounts, you need to make a list of appropriate accounts. Now, a suitable profile would be the one having good engagement and a regular posting routine.

Now, you can attract followers by commenting on such posts and engaging with those audiences.


It is a known fact that we don’t see all posts and content of people who we follow on Instagram. The same goes for the audiences. As they are following numerous accounts, they can’t see all of your posts.

Now, here the tip is communication. You need to communicate with them in order to make them check your feed and to stay engaged.

Appealing content

How can you provide interesting content if it’s just a product brand? Is posting products’ beautiful picture enough to catch attention? Absolutely not, here are few tricks to make your content charming:

  • Make informative or educational content relevant to your services/products.
  • Post results of availing your services. It can be before/after pictures.
  • Make posts on quotes or famous saying that links to the business.
  • You can add questions, call-to-actions, and testimonials to make content attention-grabbing.
  • Make customers’ success stories as your next post to attract more followers.


If you seriously want to gain more followers, you need to be consistent with your posting. It doesn’t mean you should post daily. Rather, it’s better to choose a proper schedule and then follow it.

It is important to keep showing on followers’ feed. Otherwise, they won’t be able to remember you once you lose the steadiness.


Hashtags help people to notice you on Instagram. This platform allows you to add as many as 30 hashtags. It can be a good chance to get noticed immediately by followers.

You can add those tags relevant to your business. It is preferable to choose those hashtags that have around 500,000 images.

Instagram stories

It is another effective way to engage your audience. Instagram allows you to post short videos or images on these stories. Any quick information that compels customers to visit accounts can do wonders to gain Instagram followers.


Instagram could be the best platform to acquire recognition for your business. However, the requirement is, you follow the proper channel.

Viewers praise valuable information. You should give them interesting and useful to make them stay connected to your account.

In this piece, we have provided a few simple tips that can aid in acquiring 1K Instagram followers. We know the process could be slow and sometimes tedious. But, your consistency is a thing you need to mark your victory in an Instagram World.


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