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Deep Learning about AI and Effective Examples to Clarify the Facts

Technology is now an integral part of human civilization. Every human uses technology numerous or even countless times in his or her daily life. It can be said that technology has made our lives and living easier. As technology is making progress, it is becoming more evolved and intelligent. Now, AI or artificial intelligence is one of the most developing and anticipated technology in this world. This unique allows technology to think and make decisions like humans.

So, in other words, artificial intelligence is technology with human or human-like emotions.  This means the machines can operate and learn with time and experience. It also means that humans may not need to operate machines or technology to get work done.

Deep learning is also a type of artificial intelligence. In this technology, artificial neural networks are used. These artificial neural networks are designed sp that it resembles the human brain to a certain extent. The machine uses this artificial neural network and learns from preloaded data. The machine performs a certain task with the help of the given database and makes the working process faster and more compatible with each turn.  Deep learning India is now very common and a lot of Indian companies are using and researching to develop deep learning technology on their own.

This technology got its name from the human brain. The human brain has various neural networks for purposes. We also learn from examples of information we receive from different sources. But often humans can modify their actions to make it more efficient. Deep learning AI also uses different artificial neural networks and also needs to think like a human to operate.

Deep learning is now used in different aspects of human life. It has its uses in the medical science, entertainment industry, smart device industry and many more. There are many deep learning companies in India which offer these service to people and companies from different parts of the world.

 Some common examples-

  •  Virtual assistant 

A virtual assistant is now popular in smart devices. Nearly every mobile or smart device has an in-built virtual assistant. There are also other specially designed virtual assistant machines that can work with your voice command and help you in your need. You can ask the virtual assistants to control your other electronic gadgets, keep the door or lights or electricity of or on and even ask other information in need.

You can also use the virtual assistant of your mobile to easily call or type messages and open or operate other apps with just voice command.

  •  Chatbots 

 Chatbots or assistant bots are now common in applications or websites. These bots respond to tour queries and help you with the solution in need. Chatbots can effectively answer your queries and behave like a human to certain extents.

  •  Facial recognition

Facial-recognition is another practical example of deep learning AI. The AI remembers facial features like eye pattern, face structure, color and other points and stores these data in its memory. Then it gives access to those who have the data stored and are permitted,


 Therefore, it is clear that deep learning is one of the most beneficial technologies discovered to date. It can also be used for various purposes and tasks. 

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