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Critterfence: The Expert Garden Fence Manufacturers


Whenever we consider building a garden in our backyards, the biggest headache turns out to be the straying animals and pests. These have the potential to completely wipe out our gardening efforts. At such times, garden fencing can prove to be a big savior. If you are also in search of a garden fence tool kit, Critterfence is the one-stop solution for all your fencing needs.

Critterfence is the leader in the garden fence manufacturing sector. It is a trusted name, having been featured in many famous TV series such as the Animal Planet, This Old House and The Walking Dead. With  30+ years of expertise in the segment, Critterfence products have helped its customers in keeping animals in and out of their garden areas at minimal costs. The cost of Critterfence fence kits is most competitive in the market as they are made available to the customers at wholesale prices, directly from the manufacturers.

Critterfence eCommerce platform gives you a complete garden fencing solution where one can shop and compare among the best-in-class products. Critterfence products are known for their high quality and durability, ensuring the maximum satisfaction of our customers.

Our Products

Whether you need a heavy-duty garden fence kit or just need a roll of a metal fence or its part, Critterfence has each and everything for you.

Garden Fence Parts– To help you build your garden from scratch, Critterfence gives you the option to buy various quintessential garden fence parts like metal fence rolls, plastic fence rolls, posts, gates/doors and much more, all at the most reasonable prices.

Garden Fence Kits– A wide varieties of garden fence kits have been made available by Critterfence to ensure lasting protection in gardens against several animals and pests.

Customers have the option of selecting from more than 1000 types of garden fence kits. They can also make customize purchases from within different fence kits as per their needs and requirements. Most of these fence kits enable establishing permanent fencing or fencing can be made removable as per customer’s choice.

Some of the most effective and widely sort after garden fence kits available on the Critterfence platform are as follows,

  • Garden Fence Kit With Rodent Barrier-It is the most popular type of garden fence kit on Critterfence. It comes with an extra layer of steel barrier protection against rodents. It works well to protect against other animals too. It comes with the option of making the fence permanent or seasonal.

  • All Metal Garden Fence Kit– Some customers need all metal fencing to suit their particular gardening requirements. These garden fence kits available on Critterfence are most suitable for establishing permanent fencing.

  • Garden Fence Kits Without Rodent Barriers– These include simple plastic fence kits that prove to be the best guard against non-chewing animals like deer, geese, etc. These can be made permanent or removable. However such fences can serve as the most ideal configuration for removable or seasonal garden fences. It can also serve the purpose of guarding against small children wandering out of the garden area.

  • Garden Fence Kit With No-Climb Post Extenders- This garden fence kit is the same as the one without rodent barriers made of polythene. Besides it also comes with no-climb post extenders. These no-climb posts ensure that climbing animals like raccoons are excluded out of your vegetable garden. This fence kit also gives an option to include double no-climber posts extenders, to keep your climbing animal like a cat in and others out of your garden area.

  • Completely Enclosed Garden Fence Kit With Top-This garden fence kit gives the option of the complete enclosure along the four sides and the top. It ensures minimal opening to keep the birds out of the garden too. This can come as a great relief for those customers who want to raise berries in their gardens. This fence can be made seasonal but it involves considerable handling issues.

  • Add-On Kits-These includes the fencing kits that have been specifically designed to help gardeners retrofit their conventional garden fence with fence extensions to raise its height or attach no-climb post extenders and so on.

Hence, Critter fence offers you almost everything you require to set up a flourishing gardening space.Your garden fencing requirement may be big or small, Critterfence will cater to all your needs in a timely and cost-effective manner. You can also take advantage of free fast shipping option to get an almost no cost delivery of quality garden fencing products from Critterfence in no time.

So, hurry up and place your garden fence kit order today!  Critterfence will make sure your order reaches you in time and meets the highest standards of quality expectations.

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