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Crazy Hair Colors at any Age!


For the current generation, the trend of hair colouring is highly influenced by youngsters, especially by teenagers. But still, most of them think that there is an age limit for doing it. Youngsters love to style up themselves by trying make-ups and different costumes. They always try to explore a new look for themselves. But parents worry about their children because they think that colouring hair at a young age will affect their child’s health. For this reason, parents do not agree with their children in following these new trends.

But these days many organic hair colour brands have been launched to overcome the worries of parents.

Organic hair dye is made of natural ingredients that are 100% organic. But colouring is avoided since they have a tendency to lose the natural texture of their real hair. Melanin produces the natural colour in hair. If you start colouring, then the melanin production will be stopped. But if you still want to get a stylish hair, then you can buy a hair extension which comes with different colours. You can still style and clip it since this won’t cause any harm to your hair.

Usually, people try colouring their hair at around age of 15. The young generations colour their hair only for styling. They want to have a better look so that they start colouring at a young age. Indeed, if a person suffers from grey hair, then he or she can colour his or her hair to cover it. For this purpose, they can choose organic hair colours since they are the best choice.

Organic hair colours mainly include ingredients like indigo, henna, amla, aloe vera, fenugreek and shikakai. Indigo promotes black colour to the hair when used along with henna. You can also apply henna in different ways to get a natural dark brown colour for your hair. But henna should be mixed either with the herbs mentioned above or with essential oils to soften the hair. Adults can start colouring their hair by using organic hair colours which are PPD free.

Risks involved in children applying hair colours

  • It is better to avoid hair colouring among children as the texture of their hair changes after a certain age. Because  it may harm their hair. It is better to start using organic hair colours when they turn out to be 20 since it promotes hair growth as well.
  • It also affects the children’s health as it can cause allergies (skin allergies, health infections)
  • There is a high chance of getting asthma as the smells disturb them.

But if the child faces grey hair at an early age, then he or she can be consulted by the dermatologist for diagnosing the issue. The dermatologist provides a suitable solution to take care of premature greying. In such case, you should only use the products suggested by the doctors. Any self-treatment will have a tendency to increase the trouble.

People think that only chemical dyes suits hairstyling as they come in different colour variants. It is a deceptive idea because even the organic hair dyes come with variants tones which will beautifully style up your hair to have a healthier and stronger look.

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