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Control over the Gym with Gym membership software


Control over the Gym with Gym membership software

A member has to present his or her ID at the entrance, where an employee can track check-in and check-out timings. Keeping track of member timings becomes an engaging process and requires a dedicated employee to bear the responsibility. Member time tracking could be manageable if that was it, things further complicate with different members having different membership types, membership fees getting due on different dates, membership renewal and expiry and access control only to entitled facilities. It is almost every day that membership transactions are performed and records need to be created and updated.

While membership data can be very useful in making management decisions and understanding trends, making sense out of manually logged data becomes a difficult process. Card based membership management looks good until we opt to go for a card-less system. Fingerprint based mostly membership management system can’t solely keep track of member arrival and check-out timings, it can automate several other processes and functions, streamlining daily operations and making them smoother. Fingerprint membership management system with integrated access management will resolve problems related to card based mostly arrival and deliver a nice expertise each for members also as athletic facility staff.

The Gym is a business of fitness, members who are happy with services offered at their gym or the fitness center; do not hesitate to flaunt their fitness by sharing photos on social networks and other places over the internet. Gym membership software fingerprint has control based methods of identification suffer from many flaws, for example: A twin can carry his/her sibling’s card and claim to be the owner of it. This is a very superficial example, that doesn’t pose much risk, however, cards can be lost, stolen, forged, manipulated, or duplicated. Lost cards can be used in committing a crime and owner of the card may have to face an investigation. Time wasted in confirming identity is another flaw that a card based identification bears. Card-less arrival in gyms may be a real time saver.

Member data captured by fingerprinting can be useful in generating different charts, reports and making sense out of them. It can help analyze trends, which can be useful in making business estimation and taking actions. Fingerprint scanners are not exclusive to members; employees can also be registered with their fingerprints to keep track of their attendance and in/out timings, it results in payroll efficiency.

Cards serving different purposes have become so crucial that losing them can result in identity theft, fraud and even loss of money. Getting the lost card reissued becomes the next task in a to-do list, which again, is a time taking a process and you have to go without card (read: without getting purpose served) until the lost card is reissued. If a piece of information on a card is so important, then it should not be on a card at all. We never realize the fact that these cards are just a piece of paper or plastic to carry information either in printed or digital form and that is their whole purpose: carrying information.

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