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It is winter, and you’ll love to stay in the sun for long. But do not forget to protect your eyes from harsh sunlight. While you do that, do not forget that it is essential to pick up the right pair of sunglasses to complement your face shape.

There are a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to staying stylish — for example, squared-off style for round faces and curved design for square and rectangular faces.

Here are some of the most relaxed sunglasses styles to try when you buy mens sunglasses.

  • Rectangular Sunglasses

If you boast a curvy face, then you should try rectangle sunglasses. You can pick the color of your choice that suits the dress you want to pair this up. It is a perfect fit for those of you looking to sport a casual look.

Again, the material of temples and front decides a lot about its substance. But we’d recommend choosing high-quality acetate material sunglasses, which is an impact-resistant material.

Also, you have a choice whether to go with ordinary fibre lenses or UV-protecting lenses or Polarized lenses.

If you opt for UV-protected sunglasses, then go for the ones having a high refractive index. Such a rectangular pair of sunglasses goes a long way while being lightweight at the same time.

  • Wayfarer Sunglasses

Wayfarer is the classic wayfarer style that shouldn’t be ignored by men. The iconic style was first released in 1952 by Ray-Ban, and from then onwards, it has become a statement of fashion for men.

It is a somewhat iconic style that is taking a new form decade after decade but never fades out of style.

The wayfarer shape is different than the rectangle one as these shoot from the top, making it easy to spot. With designs and colors aplenty, you can mix and match the lenses color and play around with frame finishes.

If you are looking to buy stylish mens sunglasses online, then look no further than wayfarer as this one blends class with style, and you can wear it confidently even without trying it once.

  • Round Sunglasses

Round sunglasses can never go wrong as this one fits any face, any size, albeit minding the size of sunglasses. It means you can try out the round sunglasses of your choice before buying those to ensure it is neither too big nor too small.

Finding perfectly fitting round sunglasses is bliss, and you may well consider the shape of your face before getting to the size of the sunglass frame.

Usually, those having a square face can fancy round sunglasses as they help to lose the angles and edges off the front.

Time and again, global figures have adored round sunglasses, including John Lennon and Mahatma Gandhi and Steve Jobs wore even the circular frames. These sunglasses are best for everyday use and commuting.

  • Square Shaped Sunglasses

Go for any proportionate sunglasses, which are usually in square shape that suits your face size.

Check the quality of material used for the square sunglasses as it can range from soft rubber finish to metal ones in matte. This type of sunglasses is the best bet for the ones having round and oval-shaped faces.

Choose tinted lenses with square sunglasses to get the stylish look and ensure it protects against the UVA and UVB.

  • Aviator Sunglasses

Aviators are the classic style that has come a long way from being just worn by pilots to becoming a fashion statement. Aviator sunglasses for men are effortlessly cool and masculine such that it helps you capture the right look with minimal weight.

It is a fashion to boast tinted aviator sunglasses amongst both the genders. Though this style suits best on rectangular and diamond-shaped faces, this can add a subtle sense of demeanour to personality.

Keep looking for additional details in the sunglasses like small adjustable nose pads, temple tips sizes, and many more to enjoy a comfortable wearing experience. Aviator sunglasses come in distinctive size, shape and style like a double bridge, single bridge, and top bar.

  • Wraparound Sports Sunglasses

Sports enthusiasts are always hunting for the best wraparound sports sunglasses that you can wear on any adventurous occasion. These tinted sports sunglasses are a must-have for any sports, be it cycling, cricket, or golf.

The primary purpose of wearing a wraparound sports sunglasses is that it maintains a full field vision that protects your eyes from dust and winds entering from the sides of the sunglasses. Go with mercury B2 glasses for an added layer of protection from sunlight.

Also, UV protected lenses go the extra mile when indulging in some extreme water and snow sports. These glasses protect you from harmful reflective sun rays emitted from snow and sea.

The best part about the wraparound sports sunglasses is that it maintains your full field of vision, which ensures your eyes are completely protected.

The usual go-to lens colors are dark black, yellow, and green reflective and red color. Swap these colors to match your outfit and type of activities you perform wearing those.

  • Kabir Singh Sunglasses

The latest trend in the Indian sunglasses market is that of the Kabir Singh sunglasses. This style became a hit after the movie with the same name had Shahid Kapoor wearing those.

These are square pocketed glasses with side covers that protect sunlight from hitting the eyes from the side. These are a mix of retro club and square sunglasses but with a slight difference in the lens shield, as mentioned.

Kabir Singh sunglasses best suits on the oblong and heart-shaped face as it balances the edgier symmetry of the face with curved square glasses. Few variants come with the metallic front as well with lens colors like black, blue, and green becoming hit amongst the youth.


No matter the style of sunglasses, it is up to you how you sport it by way of pairing it up with a specific outfit. Even the best sunglasses design may fail to impress if the outfits do not go with it.

Dress up for sunglasses and see the difference in your appearance as you start feeling the sense of confidence in the air.

If you are looking to explore the range of sunglasses, then search for sunglasses store online and check out the variants available in any style of your choice.

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