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Baidu SEO: How to optimize for China’s biggest search engine


Address pretty much anyone about SEO and the talk will to a great extent be with respect to the “Enormous G”.

It bodes well. Google has a worryingly enormous portion of the web crawler showcase, particularly in Europe and the US, so for what reason would SEOs invest additional energy attempting to catch traffic from the lesser-utilized web crawlers?

In any case, except if you’ve been a conspiracy hypothesis style hermit throughout the previous two decades, you will have seen that China is a nation with a fairly enormous measure of individuals, and this accompanies new chances.

The Chinese market speaks to huge open door in all cases. As a matter of fact, the open doors inside ultra high development fabricating organizations may not be what they were 10 years prior yet for those ready to make the bounce there is the chance to take advantage of one of the world’s biggest economies.

The issue? The Chinese hunt advertise is one of the only places on the planet where Google isn’t King; they’re not even beneficiary obvious (they absolutely left China various years back).

Baidu rules the perch in China, so on the off chance that you need to take advantage of the Chinese inquiry advertise, you best acclimate.

As a matter of first importance: Get used to the differences

China is an altogether different nation to those found in ‘The West’, to the point that there are various organizations which have practical experience in helping organizations overcome any issues between the regions.

Substantial state oversight is nevertheless one of the not really unobtrusive contrasts. Much like working with, or living in an alternate nation with various rules and culture, your best strategy is to acknowledge the conditions and adjust. For example, Baidu’s awkward inclusion of their own sub items inside SERPs would conceivably cause conflicts with competition laws in the EU, yet not in China.

New laws in China have altogether diminished the measure of advertisements in Baidu’s SERPs, however there are still a significant number. Simply take it for what it is and, in that most irritating late British export: Carry on.

The good news: there are similarities

I’ll put my hands up and concede, I put off investigating Baidu SEO for longer than I would mind to concede. My (assumption being the mother of all f**k ups) was that I would truly need to become familiar with my specialty once more. Nothing would be the equivalent.

How wrong I was. Pondering it, I don’t know why I thought everything would be extraordinary. Double hasn’t changed; indeed, there are contrasts in coding dialects and site stages, however for what reason would Baidu waste time? Google ostensibly didn’t rehash an already solved problem; they just added some sparkly composite edges to it.

In that capacity, your SEO 101 sort stuff – Metadata, information design, Canonical URLs – the entirety of this is as yet significant. Baidu may have various weightings and marginally various rules for certain perspectives (meta descriptions are considered) yet at any rate the basics are comparable.

There are contrasts, so as a starter pack of sorts we have incorporated a few things for consideration when hoping to conduct SEO for Baidu:

Translator/native speaker

This is totally basic. Without a professional interpreter or a local speaker inside your SEO group you are going to end up battling.

Similarly as with Google, utilizing a robotized translation apparatus will bring about content that is justifiable, yet there will definitely be openings in it. Web crawlers (counting Baidu) care about content and the nature of said content, so you are going to require someone who can make content to the necessary standard.

Besides, Baidu’s Webmaster Tools are not appeared in English, so ideally it is clear why you need a local speaker!


The mobile pattern doesn’t stop with people in general’s utilization of mobile gadgets, or Google’s mobile first ordering and quickened mobile pages (AMP). Actually, mobile is much increasingly significant in China, where owning a work area or even a PC was rarely extremely commonplace; the mobile is a great many people’s sole gateway to the online world.

Thusly, Baidu care profoundly about mobile. They have their own version of AMP (called Mobile Instant Page – MIP) and you can wager that much like Google’s mobile first ordering, Baidu will continue to heat mobile more profound and more profound into their calculation.

Burden speed and show on mobile gadgets will be essential both now and into the future for positioning on Baidu, so make this a need for your site.


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