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Is India a Good Choice for the Treatment of Meningioma?

Is India a Good Choice for the Treatment of Meningioma?

Treatment for Meningioma in India has an approximate success rate of 98%. The condition that we consider for availing the treatment is the success of the procedure. Apart from that, what matters for the treatment is the cost of surgery. The best part is, the cost of treatment in India is the minimum.  India ranks second if we talk about the top five countries delivering the successful meningioma treatment, and you will be glad to know the cost of treatment in the country is the minimum.  The price lies between USD 5,500 to 9,000. So, in short, you receive the best-in-class treatment at the minimum possible price.  So, India is not only functional but the best choice for undergoing meningioma surgery.  What are the Perks of Availing the Meningioma Surgery in India: Several be...