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3 Top Tips to Boost E-commerce Sales during the Festive Season 


Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday Sales are just around the corner. The festive days are approaching fast. Therefore, the time has come to focus on holiday marketing campaigns for your e-commerce store. Whether you have a big or small business, you need to promote your offers, new products, dress up your brand logo, and do all the things to make your campaigns go viral. 

According to an article published on https://www.huffpost.com, many online store owners have already started to reap the benefits of the holiday season and find innovative marketing strategies to pique audience interest. November and December is the time when e-commerce sites earn maximum revenues, often more than 30 percent. The key to the success of your marketing campaign is to understand your brand, shoppers and their changing tastes to find a strategy that aptly fits your e-commerce business. 

Look for your store’s holiday angle. For example, promote products that make your shoppers’ lives better during the festive days. The top coffee brand, Starbucks leverage user-generated content (UGC) as part of their business promotion strategy. Starbucks posted more than 40,000 entries and the campaign was a great success. 

It is the best time to set up your e-commerce store for festive-sales success. Here are three top tips to boost your online sales during the approaching holiday season: 

  1. Make your website holiday-ready

There is still time to make your e-commerce site prepped up for the holiday ahead. Studies show that in 2017, about 42 percent of customers avoided the long lines in physical stores and chose online shopping during the Black Friday weekend. Therefore, you can imagine the potential your e-commerce site has during the festive days. 

You cannot afford to miss sales opportunities during the holidays. Even if your site is down for a couple of seconds during these busy days, it will affect your sales drastically. Did you know that even a second’s delay would result in a 2.8 percent drop in revenues? Shoppers will go to your competitor’s site if your website is not ready or loads slowly. These little things matter a lot when it comes to e-commerce sales during Thanksgiving, Halloween, Black Friday, and more. 

Prep your website to avoid any technical snags during the festive days. There are numerous ways to keep your e-commerce website up and running. These include performing hosting stress tests, analyzing performance expectations and SLAs with providers, arranging for new software and hardware in advance, ensuring you have the perfect bandwidth, and managing your website well during sale spikes during the holidays. 

Upgrading and buying new hardware or software, doing stress tests, and ensuring your security certificates are applicable and up-to-the-minute will improve consumer experience and instill confidence in your e-commerce business. The best thing to do is to optimize your website to keep sales increasing during the festive weekends. Besides, if you need some funding to revamp your website and software, you can apply for a business loan from Liberty Lending or similar platforms. 

  1. Include Holiday-themed content 

Spread some happiness and excitement with holiday-themed content, which is the best way to add a festive flavor to your marketing messages. Studies show that shoppers like it when brands integrate some holiday-oriented content in their marketing communications, be it your landing page, social media posts, or email marketing. 

A photo contest, for instance, will pique audience interest. When it comes to UGC posts, they have an engagement level of 28 percent more compared to the usual posts. It is one of the time-tested ways to host an online photo contest and involving your prospective shoppers to flaunt their creativity and have some fun at the same time. 

When the contest photos of users start pouring in, what are you supposed to do? Share the UGC with your fans and followers on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. You can also use the UGC on your website, mailers, etc. 

The next best thing to do is using themed content. Decorating ideas, gift guides, and trivia content about individual holidays are some of the things you can use to pique customer interest. Again, blog content focusing on the holiday theme is an ideal way to generate quality traffic to your website. The content will educate and engage your targeted customers at the same time. 

Your shoppers are planning to buy gift items for their loved ones on the occasion of Black Friday Sale Online and therefore, your holiday-themed content should be published before it is too late. The sooner you publish, the sooner you can start to make sales and earn revenues. 

  1. Delight shoppers with mobile shopping 

Did you know that mobile sales touched a whopping $35.8 billion in 2017, during the months of November to December? It means that you need to pamper your customers with a mobile shopping experience. Today, most people, especially the millennials shop on their smartphones. Therefore, it is high time that you optimize your e-commerce store for the mobile audience. Take some time out of your busy schedule and research on mobile e-commerce sites. Study the navigation and see how easy it is to shop from handheld devices instead of computers or laptops. 

There are a couple of things to implement on your mobile website. These are avoiding pop-up windows that annoy shoppers, matching the branding components from your desktop site, providing a whole site choice, and enlarging the product search bar for the ease of shopping. 

Keep your mobile site simple, easy to use, and clutter-free. People will come to your site to shop, add the products in their cart, avail deals, and check out. There should be no confusing navigation to delay sales. Avoid all such elements that result in shopping cart abandonment. Keep the call-to-action or CTA buttons simple, clear, and easy to understand. Try these tactics and you will benefit during the holiday season. After all, who does not want sales to spike during the festive days? 


Now that you have these tips ready, start prepping your e-commerce website for the holiday season ahead. Attract online shoppers and start selling! 

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