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3 Key Differences between Call Center and Contact Center


Outsourcing companies have always laid the helping resolutions to the organization by offering the best customer support and services to its customers.

Organizations usually set up a call center or contact center in their business shell to accommodate the need of the customer with the motive to generate an excellent revenue structure.

Talking specially about the call center and contact center; these two are distinct terms depicting entirely different functionalities along with the bridge of similarities.

The business owners and customers often get confused between the duo. Let’s explore the more detailed structure of the customer service terms used in organizations.

What is the Call Center?

Call Center is the set-up conducted by the orderly bodies of an organization, with the purpose to cater the requirements of the customer over the medium of the phone call.

The main objective of the call center is to guarantee the rate of customer satisfaction and call center services with the approach of customer retention.

The call center agents tend to deliver tailored services via inbound and outbound call center services which include customer support and services, telemarketing, third-party verification and many others.

Currently, the organizations are practicing to adopt the latest mediums of technology in order to match up the pace with the competitors via Interactive Voice Response (IVR). The call center tries to apart the interaction of the customer from the live agent with the automated or stagnant responses over the phone call, which could leave the customer frustrated with the poor experience of call center services.

What is the Contact Center?

Contact Center is the advanced version of the call center. The contact center is meant to serve the need of customer through various digital channels such as email, text, live chat and many others.

Similar to the call center, the contact center can also be managed by the outsourcing companies. Contact centers work on the podium of cloud services, with the perspective to deliver customer service at the speed of a blink of the eye.

The contact center enables the customer to switch from one channel to another, without facing interruption in explaining the context of the issue to agents again and again.

Key Differentiators – Call Center ‘Vs’ Contact Center

Call center and contact center are often used as an interchangeable term for each other, to fix the meaning in the organization for offering the best call center services.

The major difference that falls between two is of support medium that is used by the agents to address the issue i.e; phone calls and digital channels.

The call centers that are planning to grow at exceeding rate plans to move for the contact center with the purpose to increase the graph of traffic and set of potential customers.

Let’s discuss out 3 major key difference that differs the call center and contact center from each other:

1.   Call Center – Voice Servicing ; Contact Center – Digital Servicing

The call center is meant to offer call center services through the medium of the phone call. It practices serving the need of customer through the voice servicing medium, which encourages the customer to get in conversation with the real agent on the other end of the phone call. Also, the outsourcing companies are implementing the latest modes of technologies in the call center to improve the experience of the customer without facing the cases of interruption during the call.

Whereas, Contact center is known for offering the services via digital channels such as text, web solutions, email and many other. In today’s time, the contact center is witnessing the major scale of demand in the organization. The most likely reason is the evolution of emerging technology, which is shifting the interest of a common man to text-based servicing.

2.   Call Center – Customized Support ; Contact Center – Predictive Support

Today, the customer likes to get his issues resolved at a quick pace. The technology enables both the call center and contact center to anticipate the customer needs and their area of the astriction.

Call center agents can easily gear up the details of the customer with the aim to offer customized support over the medium of the phone call. The customized support let the customer breathe the sense of relief, as it discards the meaning of explaining the issue over and over again.

Whereas, Contact Center implements the functionality of predictive dialer that can easily detect the source of digital channel i.e; text, email, VoIP, web interface and fax. The contact center can easily predict the sense of tone as similar to the call center.

The major difference that falls between these two is the prediction of assistance medium to cater to the fabricated solution.

3.    Call Center – IVR Based Self Service ; Contact Center – Keyword Driven Self Service

Both call centers and contact centers have outgrown themselves in the space of technology. The technical implementation has superseded the first call resolution rate (FCR) with a positive mark.

Call center nowadays is equipped with the terrace of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) that bolsters the customer to initiate the steps of self-servicing via inbound call center services. IVR is the automated call, that helps the customer to resolve the concern step-by-step from choosing the desired language to the steps for getting in touch with the call center agent.

Whereas, Contact center also lets the customer follow the steps of self-servicing. This self-servicing is usually catered through AI-based chatbot which works on keyword-driven context. The chatbot matches your query statement with a set of stored keyword or algorithm and thus offer the most reliable solution for the same.

In Conclusion

The section of customer service i.e; call center and contact center hold more common point and functionalities that the point of differences between the two, that is usually catered by outsourcing companies.

If you want to address the customer query with the basic approach to retain them for a longer period and maintain a higher rate of satisfaction, then the call center is the perfect choice to be pulled on. Whereas, if as the business owner, you want to focus on CX along with basic catering of resolution, then the adoption of the contact center is perfect for your business need.

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