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2020: Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends For Perfect Reach!


Digital marketing has become new omnichannel marketing for an integrated experience. It is something that can’t be ignored. The traditional marketing days are gone where we used postcards, TV, and radios for the generation of sales.

Nowadays, digital marketing company’s are flourishing for the marketing strategies and different trends for the strong multichannel programs.

As 2020 is just waiting to arrive, the digital marketing trends may also come up with a lot of changes. The marketing experts say the strategies are going to be much more than regular SMM and SEO for the extended trends. It will crave the customers and help to meet the expectations, which are not only for the startups but for the new firms too.

The digital marketing sector is growing faster; it is dynamic and has high conversion as the potential customers get their demand fulfilled. There are significant changes for 2020 that we are going to discuss further, and it makes a dramatic shift to the digital marketing trend.

The latest trends and daily advancement are no more like a new baby; instead, it has several changes every few months, which are actually for the betterment.

With more appropriate strategies and accurate updates, digital marketing trends are considering artificial intelligence, social media marketing automation, and machine learning like lot more things.

Here are the top 5 digital marketing trends that we can see ongoing into 2020:

With more than content, video marketing, PPC, and social media platforms, the business may give a good ROI through these strategies.

1-     Audio Video Search Optimization:

Yes, the voice search result is going to be continued. It has been found that more than 10,000 users are making Google search every next minute through voice, being a natural process of searching to get an accurate result. With increased relevancy, it is more practical and convenient.

AlexaGoogle AI assistant, Apple Home pod, Amazon Echo, Siri, and Cortana, like voice command devices, transform the SEO search result performance through voice search.  

For better Voice optimization-

  • For better search terms, optimize so that voice traffic can be gained.
  • The FAQ page is optimizing Google information and updates.
  • The facts and statics enhance the ranking and reference links.
  • Add variations so that search results get ranked.

2- Podcast Optimization:

 It’s a new way of promotion that creates the brand online and is gaining popularity. Transcript podcast optimization with the keywords is a challenge for the marketers. Optimization in different channels and distributed in various channels like Spotify is fruitful.

3- AI and Chatbots:

For customer service and improvement, chatbots help in branding on a budget. It is quicker and delivers the data requested in a personalized manner and fulfills the customers’ needs. It can be integrated using the application, Social media, and website. For the better tailor, marketing strategies, user information is gathered, and the chatbot is expected to grow at least 20% in the coming year. It can be said because it has been found that 40% of users are now communication through it as a primary mode for customer service.

This is going to be integrated with the 2020 strategy, followed by the digital marketing company in PuneThis allows the brand connection and holds the customer query effectively by resolving the cost and process. Every AI-based technology is helpful as it gives an accurate answer to the latest trend of digital marketing.

4-     Influencer Marketing

With a silent positive impact on digital marketing, the influencer helps in brand promotion. There are bloggers, celebrities, and various other such sources that influence the crowd and increase the sales. It is like a trendsetter for almost the brands.

Through Facebook, Youtube, and other social connections, the endorsements are made, and a large amount of crowd gets influenced.

5- Online Reputation Manager

Business listing has both a positive and negative result. It may be possible that you may get negative comments. The result may be customers with high expectations, or false comments and poor customers. To overcome such situations, precautionary actions must be prepared and undertaken when required. A potential prospect may be the customer that can pick your brand.

It turns the one type of buyer to your satisfied regular customer, which is essential. Before purchasing any goods or services, we find that online reviews, testimonials, and recommendations are preferred. A right image plays a crucial role and is a smarter technique to provide ratings and have informed decisions.


All set and ready to go for 2020 digital marketing

With continuous updates and accordance with the challenging marketing trends, for the win-win solution, you need the right digital marketing trends. Digital marketing Company is a significant player when it comes to SEO and long-run digital marketing.

The traditional ways are transferred to modern platforms using the latest tools which are rightly used by the best digital marketing company. Explore the best of each platform and stay ahead of the competition. 

Author Bio:

Ashwani Fotedar is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Brainmine Web Solutions in Pune. Ashwani guides about all SEO things,  he is a specialized professional for marketing and helps in link building through updated trends.


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