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13 Tips To Visit An Amusement Park

Long lines, overpriced food and secret expenses – all these not – so-fun things can fill your theme park trip this summer. But preparation, together with the right attitude, could lead to a great time while reducing waiting, saving money and getting your first choice at every meal. Many vacationers plan their trip at the last minute and have a great selection of destination and cheap weekend getaways and holiday ideas to choose from. Check out nearby getaway deals at an amusement park in Gurgaon Haryana to save time and money.

Read on to get few tips when visiting an amusement park:

1.Plan ahead by visiting the park’s website for event times, attraction maps, restaurants, special discounts and more.

2.If possible, buy your tickets online in advance. In many cases, you will save both money and time, as many amusement parks offer online-discounted prices and allow you to print yours in advance.

3.Avoid peak time. Midweek is the best, but Monday and Tuesday often have the lowest crowds. Unexpectedly, the weekend is most crowded.

4.If you want to go on the most popular ride, arrive first. Aiming to be one of the first groups in the line.

Take a cooler with snacks, fruits and drinks — especially water — because they can get a price in the park.

  1. Be sure to check in advance whether the park allows food and beverages outside, and if not, whether they allow re-entry for those who wish to have snacks on their vehicles or at their nearby accommodation.

6.Buy only hot foods in the park. Alternatively, you can make sandwiches and take cheese platter with cold meat. Also, since many amusement parks have shuttles that take visitors off site, you can find cheaper food on the outskirts of the park.

7.Set a budget for each person in your group for souvenirs and food and stick to it.

8.Don’t forget sunscreen, a first aid kit and moist toilet. They will all come in handy!

9.Go for a ride when events like parades are happening. This happens when a lot of visitors stop watching, meaning you spend very little time waiting in lines.

10.Do not start with the attraction and ride near the main entrance. Take your time within the first hour and reach for a walk around what you want to do, or make your way around the park.

11.If you don’t have children with you, take advantage of the lines for solo riders — they move faster.

12.Consider purchasing an express pass that allows you to skip the lines – it will definitely be worth it.

13.If you are vacationing for a few days, consider purchasing a multi-day pass. This gives you more time to see and do everything the park has to offer, and they are often cheaper than many, one-day tickets.


With a little advance planning and strategist, you can make this summer trip one of your most thrilling gurgaon entertainment amusement trip!

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